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Angel - 4x19 The Magic Bullet

The Magic Bullet

With everyone looking for her, Fred hides out in a demon's lair. When she discovers that he isn't a vegetarian, she kills him with an axe. She visits a bookstore to try and make some sense of what's happening. The owner gives her a gun, but they are interrupted by Jasmine and her followers. Fred aims the gun so that it will pass through Jasmine then Angel and shoots. After being shot, Angel looks at Jasmine and sees her true form. The followers begin to attack Fred, but Angel grabs her and they escape. Fred explains that in order for anyone to see Jasmine's true form, they must share their blood with hers. Angel comes up with an idea. They sneak back into the hotel, where Cordelia is lying in one of the rooms. Angel cuts her hand and takes some of her blood, as it is maternally the same as Jasmine's blood. Lorne comes into the room and sees them, but Angel quickly cuts him and mixes the blood. Angel, Fred and Lorne search for Gunn and Wesley. When they find them, they repeat the mixing


vhowland1 (May 23, 2019)

so demons aren't fooled by Jasmine and are afraid of her genocide but Lorne is completely fooled except when he gets some of the blood and unlike Angel and Fred, he didn't need to see Jasmine's real form to get de-hypnotized and neither did Gunn and Wes.

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  • Aired Apr 16, 2003
  • Episode 4x19
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