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Arrested Development - 2x01 The One Where Michael Leaves

The One Where Michael Leaves

George, Sr. is finally apprehended by authorities, but the police soon discover they had mistaken Oscar for his twin brother, George, Sr. With the real George, Sr. still at large, Michael becomes the next in line to be prosecuted within the Bluth Company for the crimes his father committed. Michael scrambles to find the money to keep himself out of jail only to find that the rest of his family are doing fine without him -- Lindsay and Tobias fixed their relationship by agreeing to have an open relationship, G.O.B. is at the helm of the Bluth Company, and Lucille asked Oscar to move in with her to be a role model for Buster.


kakature (Aug 05, 2012)

Let the great experiment begin!

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  • Aired Nov 07, 2004
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