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Six Feet Under - 4x05 That's My Dog

That's My Dog

Anne Marie Thornton 1966 - 2004 On the way home from retrieving a body, David picks up a hitchhiker, who then takes him for a ride. At the funeral home, Ruth plans to match her friend Becky, a cashier at the Fabric Shop and George's son Kyle up as a couple which George feels uncomfortable talking about. He believes she is meddling and to worry about her own children. Nate attends a Bereavement Support Group which offers little comfort. Brenda discusses her relationship with Joe to her mother Margaret over lunch. Federico attempts to break ties with Sophia, who asks that they should go out on a date.


Cameron16 (Sep 26, 2015)

The Fishers are so unlucky.

Ambroos (Jul 18, 2014)

This was incredibly tense, damn.

bass (Oct 08, 2013)

one of the best episodes I have ever seen.

Lemon (Jun 25, 2011)

wow, what an episode!

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  • Aired Jul 19, 2004
  • Episode 4x05
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