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Emily invites everyone to join her at an underground club. The location is a secret; the gang must exchange an egg at a convenience store for this information. The others leave without Steve and Andrea, who end up going to the wrong store and embarrassing themselves. Kelly is mortified when David drinks an entire bottle of whiskey, but Donna dances with him and has a good time. Emily slips a drug called U4EA into Brandon's drink to get him to loosen up. He is too wasted to drive, and vandals trash his car when he leaves it at the club overnight. Brandon does not expose Emily's deed to his parents, but breaks up with her because he no longer trusts her. Music: "Hold on to Love" by T'Pau


nellswell (Apr 06, 2013)


What a let-down after "The Next 50 Years" (aka "Death Episode"). I even thought so back when it first aired. Just because Emily Valentine provided entertaining fodder when she first arrived at West Beverly does NOT mean I want to watch an episode all about her exploits with drugs or her boring, chemistry-less love affair with Brandon (speaking of whom, this episode merely serves as a reminder of how much I dislike his character. And how I really don't care whether or not he dances!). That "exchange an egg" thing was just stupid. Blech. Fail!

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  • Aired Nov 14, 1991
  • Episode 2x15
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