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The Dick Van Dyke Show - 1x01 The Sick Boy and the Sitter

The Sick Boy and the Sitter

Rob talks Laura into going to a party at Alan Brady's penthouse even though she'd rather stay home and look after their ailing five-year old.


Laura gets a phone call from the next door neighbor, Dottie, informing her that Ellen, Dottie’s daughter, has a slight temperature and that she should watch Richie since the two children were playing together. Laura hangs up the phone with Dottie and Richie informs her that Ellen has a disease and that he hopes he gets it. Laura asks him why to which he replies that he doesn’t want to go to school because they are teaching him stupid things like the alphabet. Laura tells him if he wants to be a television writer, like his daddy he is going to have to know his alphabet. Richie tells Laura that he already knows his alphabet and rattles off the letters until “W”. Laura asks him what happened to the rest of the letters and he informs her that he just got tired of saying the letters. She asks him if a chocolate cupcake may help him regain his energy, but he says that he doesn’t want one. Laura asks him if he had anything to eat at Dottie’s house, but he says that all he had to eat was water. Laura feels his forehead and tells him that she is going to call Dr. Miller. Richie begins to panic and tells his mom that he will eat the cupcake if she doesn’t call the doctor. He then locks himself in one of the lower cabinets. He doesn’t come out until Laura reminds him that he likes Dr. Miller and he tells her that he forgot.

Meanwhile, at the Alan Brady Show, Rob, Sally, and Buddy are trying to come up with a way to close the show for the week. Sally and Buddy want to close it with a joke, but Rob thinks they should end it with quote. Rob reads his quote and Buddy is able to turn it into a joke. Mel walks into the office and Sally, pretending not to see him, says that what don’t they get Mel’s opinion on what they should do for the ending. After all he is the producer, to which Buddy replies that is only because he is the star’s brother-in-law. Mel invites the three of them to Alan’s party later that night where a number of top studio executives will be there. The three say that they will be glad to come.

Back at home, Rob tells Laura about the party at Alan’s apartment that night. Laura tells Rob that they can’t go to the party because Richie is sick. Rob asks what symptoms Richie has that are making Laura believe that he is sick. She tells him that Richie didn’t want his cupcake. Rob sarcastically acts shocked and tells Laura that she is just worrying too much. He thinks the reason Richie didn’t want to eat his cupcake was because Laura offered him a chocolate one instead of a vanilla one. He takes a vanilla cupcake and head to Richie’s room, followed by Laura. He offers Richie the cupcake, but he tells Rob that he likes chocolate better, but when Rob offers him a chocolate one he refuses. Laura asks Rob if he is satisfied, but he refuses to believe that Richie is sick because he has no sign of a fever. Laura and Rob head back to the kitchen to finish their discussion out of the earshot of Richie. Rob tells Laura the reason he wants to go is because there will be executives there and plus Alan invited them. Laura tells Rob that the only reason Alan invites the writers to come to his dinners is so that they can entertain the guests. Laura tells Rob to go without her, but he still insists that she comes and allow Richie to stay home with Janie, the babysitter. Rob finally talks Laura into going when he promises her to go to two decorator shows and five PTA meetings. Janie arrives and Laura gives her a load of information on what to do if Richie gets sick. She keeps telling Janie all sorts of things from phone numbers to what there is to eat in the refrigerator that Rob ends up carrying her to the car.

Rob and Laura are getting ready to leave the party when Buddy stops them. Mel soon walks up to the trio and asks Rob and Buddy if they, plus Sally, can entertain while Alan is finishing up his phone call. Laura gives Rob one of those I told you looks, but Rob decides to entertain anyway. The three sing a song and each take a turn at doing something of their own. Sally sings another song, Buddy tells jokes and Rob does an impression of Laura’s Uncle Henry after he has had a few too many. Each of the acts is a huge hit!

Rob and Laura soon arrive home to a quiet house, when they notice a doctor’s bag on the kitchen table. Laura begins to get worried and when she sees Dottie and Sam, Janie’s parents. She asks if Richie is alright and they tell her that he just fell asleep. Rob finds out that the doctor wasn’t there to see Richie, but rather Janie who accidently hit her head on the freezer door. The neighbors leave with the doctor and Laura comes back from checking on Richie. Rob apologizes for not listening to Laura when she said that she knew something was going to happen. He asks her how she knew to which she replies that she knew because she is a woman. She then takes off her pearls and leaves the room leaving Rob with a big grin on his face.


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  • Aired Oct 03, 1961
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