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Undeclared - 1x12 Hell Week

Hell Week

After Lizzie and Rachel decide to borrow video tapes from the guys shirtless, Lloyd concludes that the girls now think of them as their "brothers". They then question Ron about his love life and he says he is working on it and takes them to hide out behind a tree while they spy on a campus tour guide named Kelly. Lizzie approaches her and the guys learn that the two of them are friends and Lloyd yells out Lizzie's name and Ron runs away.Lloyd decides that the only way for them to fix their "brother" problem with Lizzie and Rachel is to play a game of truth or dare. So they devise a plan involving a script to change their minds about them. Meanwhile, Steven meets Perry who lives in the dorm storage closet after all the rooms where taken upon his campus arrival. Steven thinks he's cool and admires his video collection. Ron decides to write the script to set up the playing of truth or dare. Steven makes some altercations involving Perry into the story. The guys also tell Lizzie to invite


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  • Aired Dec 19, 2001
  • Episode 1x12
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