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Undeclared - 1x13 Truth Or Dare

Truth Or Dare

Now that Steven has slept with Lizzie again, he gets to call her "Baby" and he couldn't be more thrilled. Eager to be her knight in shining armor, he offers to walk her to class, which, like a proper princess, she accepts. Lloyd can only roll his eyes as he watches this display. Meanwhile, Kelly and Ron post-coitally ogle each other and rag on Marshall while he lies in bed, alone. Rachel and Tina worry that Lizzie's on the rebound and is going to hurt Steven. Their advice, stay single and go out to the bar and party with them tonight. But Lizzie declines, she and Steven have plans. Lloyd is also worried about Steven and advises him not to be her "bitch" in the relationship and lose the power position. In turn, Steven tries to blow off Lizzie by acting aloof and weird, but they end up in bed together, again, for a little afternoon delight. Marshall is in shock that even Ron has a girlfriend and he's got nothing. Ron suggests asking Lloyd for his leftovers to which Lloyd agrees. Between


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  • Aired Jan 30, 2002
  • Episode 1x13
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