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When a year has past since the disappearance of their best friend and leader, four estranged friends band together when an unknown person threatens to tell the world their deepest secrets.


BertDenolf (Jun 13, 2013)

So where do I start. It is literally the biggest load of crap I've ever seen. If I could choose any 45 minutes that I've wasted to get back in my life, I definitely choose this shitload of crap.

The opening scene was so pathetic, I was hoping it was some kind of dream but sadly it wasn't. Then the story began. It was so boring I had to pauze the episode every 5 minutes in order to get some diversion. The acting and storyline is horrible; it's about 5 silly cliché women who are mentally and emotionally unstable and should be going to therapy instead of college. Seriously, how can you create 5 girls that are so repulsing that you want to puke everytime they are talking, and that are so cliché that you want to carve out your eyes. The mystery aspect was ridiculous because why on earth would sombody 'haunt' their best friends 1 year after something happened that made no sense at all. Pathetic rip-off of the movie "I Know What You Did Last Summer".

Don't get me started about the score, every 5 minutes they play a song so corny you think sombody died or found the love of their life. I have no problem with that kind of music, but when it's used in every 5 minutes it's just too much.

I can truly say I have never seen as dumb and boring before. 2/10, because the actresses are hot, and that's the only plus side of this episode.

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  • Aired Jun 09, 2010
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