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Hot In Cleveland - 1x01 Pilot


Three best friends from Los Angeles (hopeless romantic Melanie, cynical businesswoman Joy, aging actress Victoria) are flying to Paris when their plane makes an emergency landing in Cleveland. Realizing that the social norms from SoCal no longer apply -- and thrilled by their liberating possibilities in Ohio -- they decide to celebrate a city that values 'real women' and stay where they're considered hot.


The scene opens with Victoria Chase, Joy Scroggs, and recently-divorced Melanie Morreti on a plane to Paris. Victoria, or Tori as the girls call her, is texting her agent and Joy is trying to tell her that it is time to relax and throw away those things. A flight attendant comes up and Tori thinks that she wants to know who she is. After Tori tells her that she is a famous actress from a daytime drama that aired awhile ago, the flight attendant says she just wanted to know if they needed anything. Melanie says that they would like Champagne. Melanie makes a toast to new beginnings and to have the time of their lives. They hit turbulence and the Champagne spills. Melanie gets up and sees ex-husband Anders on the plane. Despite the advice from Tori and Joy, Melanie talks to Anders. Kim, Ander’s new fiancée, is introduced to Melanie. A now-devastated Melanie goes to get comfort from Tori and Joy and says that she wishes the plan would crash and Anders and his new fiancée would die. As if on cue, the plane has mechanical issues and is nose-diving for an emergency landing. Joy tells Melanie to make it stop but she of course has no control. As the plane is losing altitude, the three women start making commitments to be better and the plane settles. They have a safe landing in Cleveland.

The trio enters a bar in Cleveland, Ohio and sees that the men are looking at them. They are LA Girls so to be looked at is a big compliment in itself. They go to the bar and Joy orders cheese fries and a “non-light beer” to which Melanie and Tori gasp. The bartender tells the ladies that some men are wanting to sit with them. They oblige and Victoria Chase says that she is a daytime television actress. She gloats of her success and the focus goes to Melanie. She is the writer of a book called “The 200 Things You Need to Do Before You Die”. They say that they are fulfilling one that includes “Flying to Paris with friends”. One particular man, Hank, takes an interest in Melanie. Joy says that she is a butt model and one of the men buys it, but then she says it was a lie and that she is an eyebrow plucker to the stars. The cheese fries come and the men tell the women that they are light eaters. They party with beer and cheese fries.

The next morning isn’t good for Joy and Tori. They are hung over and Joy says that she is secreting cheese fry grease from her pores and starts licking herself. They call to Melanie’s room and she hasn’t checked in from the night before. Melanie walks in the door with a Cleveland Indians T-Shirt on and admits that she slept with Hank. She tells that she is going to move to Cleveland and go out with Hank, who happens to be a plumber. Tori and Joy tell her that she is mad and that it is not smart. Melanie shows a listing of a house that is for rent that attracts the attention of Tori as well. Joy looks at the newspaper and there is a picture of Oprah and Joy yells because she sees that Oprah’s brows are not manicured like the way Joy does it. She is upset and each tell that maybe Cleveland is not so bad after all.

They visit the house and the estate agent is ready to sign the papers but tells the girls that there is something that he needs to tell Melanie. But the reason comes when Elka Ostrovsky comes through the door and the agent introduces her to the Melanie as the caretaker. Elka is the owner of the guest cottage that is on the same property. Elka tells Joy that she doesn’t like her when Joy makes a snide remark at her. Melanie gets a call from Hank and they set up a date on his boat. Tori and Joy search for Hank on the internet to see if he is legit to go out with their friend.

Melanie and Hank are hanging out on his boat and Hank is interested in her book. They talk about the different things that you can do to change things. Hank has something to tell Melanie, and Tori and Joy bust open and scream that he is married! Melanie is taken by surprise and tells Hank to get out. The other girls console Melanie and Hank says that when they walked in all sophisticated, he was just turned on and that he is in a horrible marriage already and apologizes to Melanie. Tori seems to like Hank now after he called her sophisticated. Tori gets a phone call. It’s her agent and he tells her that there is a part as Megan Fox’s grandmother in the new Transformers movie. She tells him thanks for the information but doesn’t seem too excited for it.

The girls are talking outside the new house on a porch swing and they are talking about their lives. Melanie says that she wants to reinvent herself in Cleveland and Tori and Joy choose to spend their vacation time in Cleveland with Melanie instead of going to Paris. They feel bad that Hank was not the right one but say that there are many more. Elka says that she is sorry to hear the news as well and says that her husband, who is now deceased, was the first man she had kissed. Tori asks why she didn’t go for more after he died to see how he compares. Elka thinks about it and says that she never did. They decide to go back to the bar where they were popular and see if they can find love. Elka goes with them.


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  • Aired Jun 17, 2010
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