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Borgen - 1x01 Decency in the Middle

Decency in the Middle

Elections approach in Denmark with the governing Liberal Party and the opposition Labour Party neck and neck, and stuck in the middle is Birgitte Nyborg, head of the Moderates. A woman of principle, Birgitte, to the disbelief of her cynical spin doctor Kasper Juul, withdraws her party's support for Labour when opposition leader Michael Laugesen cynically reverses his position on asylum seekers in a pre-election gambit for votes. Just when the Moderates' chances of coming into government seem ruined, the election is flipped on its head by a shocking series of events


francisarrabal (Feb 12, 2015)

Ya lo puedo decir, ¡qué buena es 'Borgen'!

I can already tell it, what good is 'Borgen'!

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  • Aired Sep 26, 2010
  • Episode 1x01
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