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Falling Skies - 1x01 Live and Learn

Live and Learn

The world is left in tatters after a sudden, unprovoked and unexplained invasion by aliens, leaving the planet’s remaining human population to fight for survival against the occupiers. History professor Tom Mason has been named second in command for the 2nd Mass, but his real focus is on his three sons, one of whom has been captured by the aliens for an unknown purpose.


starspike (Nov 16, 2011)

Started watchting this yesterday and I liked it a lot :)

gieltjegitaar (Jun 27, 2011)

This is just Walking Dead with aliens, unfollowing.

Diezel (Jun 27, 2011)

Somewhat of a slow start, hopefully it gets better

StevieG (Jun 22, 2011)

Thanks for the explanation guys.

ColeFrost (Jun 22, 2011)


Yeah that would be nice, but perhaps too difficult from a programming standpoint. I actually would like to see two apis used at once, with one pulling episode/show data and the other one episodes. They would have to be told to work work with each other. Perhaps a scraper would work too. This manual adding in crap gets old and I barely do it. Others sites can pull data on their own.

I don't hate TVRage though. It actually is very accurate most of the time, except when there is something to disagree on and it comes down to human selection over predetermined information. MyEpisodes is powered by it to and has always worked really well.

I'm too lazy to read up on each API and to see what could be done, but I would like automation someday. Mainly because I am lazy ;).

oranges (Jun 22, 2011)

@ColeFrost Hopefully it sorts itself out, I guess :)

From my experience, thetvdb has standardised most of these regular kinks and it works pretty well for them. I know it has other hassles, but maybe @lemon and co will consider using both data sources. If you hold the standard of 1x01-1x02 then maybe you could intelligently fallback to thetvdb if it has accurate data when lots of edits are seen on tvrage, or something. That's my 2c anyway.

ColeFrost (Jun 22, 2011)


You are right, but that is not how it was a little while ago. Mine actually checked off episode 3. It looks like it removed the episode for a while, then readded it. Shifting my selection of the first two episodes to episodes 1 and 3. It was then telling me I hadn't watched 2.

Usually when something like this starts going on, people are changing things back and forth on TVRage. The problem with user submissions is that everyone thinks they are right. I bet someone removed the second episode, then someone else added it back in.

Episode 2, "The Armory", wasn't even there earlier. That is why it is listed on the site now, but has no info. Someone added it, no doubt after the database had updated to not have the pilot shown as two episodes. So two updates in one day. No episode 2, this site shows it exists, then this site removes it and all is well. After that, it gets added back to TVRage and all of a sudden this site gets screwed up.

oranges (Jun 22, 2011)

If the pilot was considered one episode, then surely the next episode would be 1x02.

If you don't agree to that, you have to use the other system/standard where what aired was 1x01-1x02 and they should still be marked seperately in the database.

Regardless, I think the tvrage data must be wrong. Not really a job for @lemon, but very confusing indeed!

(EDITO) To try and summarise:
1x02 has been deleted, except that it still holds an empty place, and it still aired 3 days ago.

1x03 is airing in 5 days, but we've all marked it as watched because it's actually 1x02

ColeFrost (Jun 22, 2011)


Episode 2 was erased, just unmark the extra episode if it auto marked another one. The pilot was considered one episode, so either Lemon updated the database or it did it by itself. It pulls its info from TVRage, so it probably just updated on its own. I think at one point, it was listed as two episodes, but it was changed there. The update was slow getting here and threw people off. I'll leave a note on the main page.

oranges (Jun 22, 2011)

I'll continue the discussion here. Something went a bit wrong. All of the data for 1x02 was lost, but none of the other episodes moved up.

So TVRage finally loaded and I see it's actually the same, but isn't that still wrong?
I have 1x02 sitting in my dashboard unwatched, what do I do with it?
Tvrages description of 1x03 even sounds like 1x02.

I like the way thetvdb handles these exceptions, personally =/

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