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How does the future for look like?

By Lemon - Sep 07, 2015

FMTV at the moment has been around since January 2010, created out of love for Television and desperately in need of a decent agenda to keep track of our favourite episodes. Our main goal was to create a platform to get people to follow, share and talk about their favorite TV Shows. Fast forward 5 years later: we've created a community of 52 342 members, over 6000 of them using on a daily base. We could not have dreamed a greater gift. Thank you!

People who've been around since our start already know we hardly make any statements about In fact: we only make statements if we feel we need to. This is because our platform is very powerful: It can survive without any moderation. That's all because a lot of people have the same feeling as we do; A lot of people love their TV shows and have a need for a platform to keep track of them, talk about them and to introduce them to friends. This is also the reason why we’re creating this blog; because we still believe in this. Even more: We’re taking the experience to the next level.

New Updates

The site was originally built on top of the CakePHP 1.3 framework. We started moving to the 2.x version of that framework a couple of years ago. Recently 3.0 came out and we ended up deciding to rebuild the entire site from the ground up. With that in mind, we do have several new features planned and here are a couple of them:

  • OAuth2 API: A fully open API that developers can use to create cool things
  • Native mobile apps: Planning on ios and android
  • Lists: A cool new way to discover tv shows in a unique way
  • Groups: Form groups to discuss and share your favorite tv shows with your closest friends.
  • Discussions: A better way to communicate with fans.

The entire new website will use its own OAuth2 API to communicate with the back-end. Which means that you as a developer will have full creative freedom and making cool things to integrate with!

Our goal is to get all of this done by the end of the year.


Since the early beginning we have received tons of mails, tweets, Facebook messages,.. so we decided to introduce Kenny Leys (SilentAlarm) on board of our team to manage our social media platforms. He'll be responsible for keeping our instagram, facebook and twitter up-to-date with the latest news, throwbacks, behind the scene footage and much more. Make sure to follow every single one of them!


Jasper and I founded almost 5 years ago. We had this grand idea and we made it reality. Everything you see on your screen was designed by Jasper and he did an amazing job. Due to other work & life responsibilities, Jasper is stepping down from the team. Thanks you for all your hard work Jasper, you will be missed!

UI Designer

At the moment we’re back a 2-man operation but we’re hoping to expand soon! If you are a software developer with plenty experience in CakePHP (or PHP in general) or if you are an awesome UI designer, please drop us an email on


We've said it before; will keep going on as long as we’re existing. All of this thanks to every awesome user out there. We’d like to end this post with a special thanks to all of the users that have donated, without you guys/girls would not be have been possible to maintain.

Keep track of our social media, we’ll be back soon.


SilentAlarm (Sep 22, 2015)

Hey @jmxd , you can edit your timezone at :).

jmxd (Sep 22, 2015)

Please fix the time. The whole site is an hour behind on actual air times (aka it says "airing in 59 minutes" when it just started airing). please fix

Marius (Sep 19, 2015)

Thank you very much

bulitman (Sep 18, 2015)


FEER5698 (Sep 17, 2015)


The great thing about is this page: clean simple and easy to understand overview that visualizes it very compact: fails in alot of ways if it comes to functionality. Trakt fails if it comes to the web gui.
(if trakt doesnt get better soon, iam moving back to again for the ongoing shows iam currently following around 90-100) All other tv tracking sites arent worth mentioning in so many ways it would be better to just close them or kill the tv tracking parts of those sites.

In the future iam hoping on third tier websites which are a web gui (simular to trakt apps but in browser) for sites with a decent api like trakt. So only focus on the webgui themself but rely on 2nd tier moderated sites which rely on their turn again on multiple first tier sites (contentdatabases, like tvrage, imdb, thetvdb). relies on tvrage, but tvrage has gone to shit, i made thousands of edits over the years on tvrage so my shows showed up correct on And its gettting worse and worse, alot of the original moderators and content addérs moved to and

Trakt also fails currently besides the web webui (which does focus on the casual millennial tvtracker demographic instead of tv addicts) on a second thing they fail is the filtering methods in the progress pages and lists, i doubt they understand what alot of users need. The earlier automatisation of trakt tv tracking means it suceeded above other tv tracking sites. The tv tracking data exists and the gui can be improve.

tvtrackign sites that understand a progress page and a list page is basically the same thing if it comes to the users data will be optimal. The only difference is how the gui of the progress or list page should look.
Trakt could make itself alot easier if they created a feature to show any users list also as progress page and allow url deeplinking if it comes to filters or move it to the settings.

visualidad (Sep 17, 2015)

Gracias!! Este sitio es fantástico!!! Se lo he recomendado a varios amigos!
La idea de una App para android es estupenda! Espero poder instalarla pronto!
Gracias de nuevo por el servicio que prestan!!!

mfferreiro (Sep 16, 2015)

Thanks for everything and congrats for the big news! Eager to see the app ;)

K7vn (Sep 16, 2015)

Great! Keep up the good work!

shoshana (Sep 16, 2015)

Change the backend all you want, just keep all the same features!

andrejuseu (Sep 16, 2015)

@FEER5698 trakt is full of function, can't stand it.

nookiewacookie1 (Sep 15, 2015)

Please don't start charging money. Other sites have done this and ruined everything.

alossforbears (Sep 15, 2015)

You guys are so awesome. Thank you so much for all the effort you put into! I hope you guys get tons of love letters from fans and users and get a lot of positive feedback, because you deserve all of the good things!

aprice07 (Sep 15, 2015)

Discovered the site recently, and it was exactly what I was looking for. I've suggested it to many friends. Keep up the good work!

SteffiMalta (Sep 14, 2015)

thanks guys.. you are a drea come through!!

m4t4 (Sep 14, 2015)

just wanna say thx for everything

daisyx (Sep 13, 2015)

This is awesome! Great updates! Keep doing the good job guys :)

FEER5698 (Sep 13, 2015)

For a couple of reasons iam not seeing the above happening, making a data import feature from this site to and then putting this site later into hibernation mode would have been a better idea.

The site also is still in beta if it comes to alot of thing if you ask me, so they probally could use alot of help from you2 :P

rui518 (Sep 13, 2015)

@GeekinTexas yes they exist, its a increasing market in Europe, you also have more WP in Russia than Iphones...

GeekinTexas (Sep 13, 2015)

@rui518 Windows phone... Those still exist?

(You must be in a "rut")

imgrangerdanger (Sep 12, 2015)

This is great news! Thanks guys :) (and the app, I am so very happy about the app)

Edit : I agree with other users, a rewatch option would be great! And lists are a great idea too :D

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