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The new data importer has been deployed

By Lemon - Nov 03, 2015

Dear Amazing Loyal Users,

I'm happy to announce that we just deployed an update to the website. We've deployed our new data importer which is using as a datasource instead of the dead This is a limited implementation and we did not move the full importer feature set to thetvdb because their API has some limitations.

Going forward, we realized that we no longer want to rely on an external API source for our data. We always thought "We are going to do our own data once our community is big enough", and I believe we are close to that minimum community size.

With that in mind, we are shifting our effort in for the new version towards community tools for open sourcing the entire data set of In the future we will combine the awesomeness that is our users, and develop our own data without an external API.

As usual, since we just deployed experimental code to production, feel free to email us if you encounter any strange data related bugs.


Lemon (Nov 07, 2015)

@Xeniiaa Thanks, I've synced up those Flemish shows now, had to implement the dutch locale support into the TheTVDB importer but it works lovely now. It should also have all the plots in dutch too (if available).

volcanoday (Nov 07, 2015)

You came back!!! I'll admit I was starting to worry.

Aiii (Nov 06, 2015)

Star Wars Rebels isn't updating:

Sweeneyy (Nov 06, 2015)

Thanks guys :)

Xeniiaa (Nov 06, 2015)

@Lemon Here are the tvdb ID's

De Bunker 300094
Project K 300643
K3 zoekt K3 300179
Jonas & Van Geel 302738
Familie 268901
Lichaam van Coppens 272964

Lemon (Nov 06, 2015)

@Xeniiaa The email address should work, strange :/ Do you have the ID's for those dutch shows?

@Teena Thank you so much for donation, members like you make tick every day! As for the friend request issue, I'll look into it after I fix the social connections.

slashitup101 (Nov 06, 2015)

@Lemon thanks very much!

Teena (Nov 06, 2015)

Thanks so much for the update @Lemon! When and how can I help? I'd love to add information on the site! (BTW, I just donated €25.00 - I hope it helps you guys keep doing the awesome stuff you have been!)
Also, I'm having an issue, I can't click on "Add As Friend" for some people. It just reloads the page and shows the same thing as before.

martinyfelix (Nov 06, 2015)

Thanks for all the updates, @Lemon

Xeniiaa (Nov 06, 2015)

@Lemon I sent you an email to the address you gave me, but it says it can't be delivered so I'll put it here:
Here are some shows that aren’t updated yet 

Project K (Project K(oen) on thetvdb)

De Bunker

K3 zoekt K3

Jonas & Van Geel


Het Lichaam van Coppens

Lemon (Nov 05, 2015)

@slashitup101 You, me and the apocalypse has been updated among with 73 other shows, too much to list right here :)

slashitup101 (Nov 05, 2015)

Is there any way to update shows that haven't been updated using the new site? Speaking about "You, Me and the Apocalypse" (previously, "You, Me and the End of the World") specifically. Thanks very much!

chrisisawesome (Nov 05, 2015)

@Lemon Thanks!

Lemon (Nov 05, 2015)

@chrisisawesome: I'm working on a fix for the social integration, if you disable "Post to Facebook" in your settings, it should work again.

@lightbrand: We switched data providers, some data corruption was expected since they use different season / episode numbering for some shows. We are working on tools for the community to help fix these

lightbrand (Nov 05, 2015)

Star Wars Rebels still bugged + now many of already ended shows now showing as not watched again...

chrisisawesome (Nov 05, 2015)

Since the update is anyone else's profile not letting them click watched on their unwatched shows? When ever I clicked watched on a show, I have 3 little bars directly above the watched button buffering whilst nothing else happens.

ForgotMyLines (Nov 05, 2015)

A few things I've noticed haven't updated, don't know if it's known.

Hunted (UK)
Jamie's Superfoods
TFI Friday
Gardeners World.

lizzymaxia (Nov 05, 2015)

Omg, thank you!!!!

timbert (Nov 05, 2015)

Really cool, thank you so much! :D

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