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Introducing the new contribute system

By Lemon - Sep 06, 2016

Hi Awesome Community,

We are stoked to announce that we've released our first version of the new contribute section. You will now be able to report shows that are missing in our database. This brand new section can be found on We are looking forward to adding all those missing TV shows to fuel everyone's couch potato lifestyle! :D

Screenshot of our new contribute tool

This is our first step towards moving to a more community driven database. We believe that having our own data in the future is the way forward to prevent data loss.

Small update: There is a bug with oreign language shows and shows without airdates that prevents them from being imported. We are working on a fix for these. In the meantime, those shows are kept in pending review until the bug is fixed. Our apologies for this inconvenience!


Saxo (Dec 27, 2016)

@forgotmylines honestly considering switching over to another site perm, this is just unacceptable. Lemon hasn't been on the site since 4th december either, I know he/she did this last time and came back with a fix, but it's just not acceptable.

I think the amount of fuck ups has hurt the site traffic massively and they've just sort of given up. It's basically me, you and pipp left on here. All my friends switched over last year and I've been the only one staying cause i prefer it, but this just isn't working out.

ForgotMyLines (Dec 27, 2016)

@Saxo Most Christmas shows aren't showing up. Just noticed 8 out of 10 Cats Does Countdown Christmas special didn't update either.

Saxo (Dec 26, 2016)

@PippoInzaghi @forgotmylines @lemon dr who xmas special not showing up..

is this site ever gonna be back to how it was?

PippoInzaghi (Dec 19, 2016)


ForgotMyLines (Dec 17, 2016)

36 shows now....

ForgotMyLines (Dec 04, 2016)

@lemon I have 29 shows "Pending Review" dating back to 6th September. Any updates on the issues with adding shows?

Saxo (Nov 29, 2016)

@lemon agents of shield is showing duplicate eps, the ones titled TBA need to be removed, not sure how to report this since i'll get a "already in db" error when contributing

Denk (Nov 20, 2016)

@Lemon No problem. I'm hoping the major life events are all of the happy kind. If not, good luck with them and lets hope they are resolved soon.

Do consider getting some help with running the site.

Lemon (Nov 19, 2016)

@Denk My apologies. After the last update some major life events happened and I had to put on the backburner. I'm slowly getting back into the groove of updating this site though :)

Cla (Nov 14, 2016)

Would you please add the runtime to the series "The Crown"? Thanks.

ForgotMyLines (Nov 04, 2016)

A lot of shows not updating on here again.

I've got 16 added shows pending, one dating back to the 6th September.

@starfighter I've had that with a couple of shows. @lemon posted a link and it takes me to it on the site. So I think sometimes the search bar on here doesn't work properly or something.

Denk (Nov 03, 2016)

Same as before... A new update is released and then month(s) of silence.

@Lemon A good site has 2 main pillars: 1. A good site, 2. Good support. The first thing you got down, the second however is lacking.. Get some people to help you out so this site can reach it's full potential.

starfighter (Oct 27, 2016)

I'm trying to add Lovesick ( but it says it's already in the database, but I can't find it

BertDenolf (Oct 24, 2016)


I'm trying to add the Doctor Who-spinoff series 'Class' but it's been weeks now this show is 'pending review'.

Am I doing something wrong? First two episodes are already out!

Show ID: 309893

Lemon (Oct 06, 2016)

@ForgotMyLines Yeah. There are some bugs in the review system that I need to iron out first before I can close those out.

ForgotMyLines (Oct 06, 2016)

@Lemon Oh ok, that's interesting. Even if they are on TVDB?

That's fair enough. Thank you for the response.

Lemon (Oct 06, 2016)

@ForgotMyLines I'm pretty much accepting all of them. Currently, pending shows are not imported due to some technical reasons. For example the UI not allowing me to select older shows than 1995. Or its not detecting the country / network properly. Or there are no airdates.

They will eventually be added.

ForgotMyLines (Oct 06, 2016)

@lemon. Just out of interest. A lot of shows I've added, got added. There is a lot I posted before the most recent, that are still "Pending" even though some of them are massive well know shows.

Does that mean they wont get added? Or will they eventually? I'm not sure how you select shows.

Dukz (Oct 06, 2016)

@Lemon thank you for the answer! And also thank you for working so hard on this wonderful site, it's much appreciated! :)

ForgotMyLines (Oct 05, 2016)

@Lemon Thank you very much for the link. I clicked the link and was actually on the page, and tried typing it into the search engine, and it still didn't come up. It's not on my following list either, (although it is now I've found it)

I've pinned it, and I'll watch it next so it doesn't matter. Thanks again Lemon.

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