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La Femme Nikita Season 1

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1x01 Nikita aired Jan 13, 1997

Nikita, a girl living on the streets, is wrongly accused of a murder she did not commit and sentenced to life in pris... read more

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1x02 Friend aired Jan 20, 1997

Section One is assigned to protect Jovan Mijovich, a politician attempting to negotiate peace among opposing forces i... read more

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1x03 Simone aired Jan 27, 1997

Glass Curtain is a high-tech terrorist organization that attracts new members via internet chat rooms. Posing as a ne... read more

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1x04 Charity aired Feb 03, 1997

Nikita is assigned to get close to a money launderer in order to steal his data files. When she learns about his succ... read more

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1x05 Mother aired Feb 09, 1997

A nuclear trigger is stolen by a cold-blooded terrorist couple responsible for killing an entire team of Section One ... read more

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1x06 Love aired Feb 17, 1997

When an international arms smuggler steals a canister of deadly nerve gas, Nikita and Michael pose as a married merce... read more

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1x07 Treason aired Feb 24, 1997

Section One is assigned by the CIA to "quietly" deport Suba, a foreign anti-terrorist contact who is smuggling waste ... read more

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1x08 Escape aired Mar 03, 1997

A mysterious Section One operative offers Nikita a seemingly ironclad opportunity to escape from Section One for good... read more

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1x09 Gray aired Mar 10, 1997

Section One's computer security is breached and the directory of all their agents is stolen. Michael goes to Prague t... read more

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1x10 Choice aired Apr 07, 1997

The CIA believes that a rogue element of their agency is responsible for a recent massacre of heroin dealers, perform... read more

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1x11 Rescue aired Apr 14, 1997

During a mission to destroy a Russian chemical plant, Michael is injured and is left behind. Section determines that ... read more

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1x12 Innocent aired Apr 21, 1997

A live nuclear warhead is smuggled into the states and the only witness to the act is a mentally challenged pizza dri... read more

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1x13 Recruit aired Jun 22, 1997

Nikita is assigned to evaluate Karyn, a recruit who is nearing the end of her two year training period. During her fi... read more

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1x14 Gambit aired Jun 29, 1997

Section was informed that the water of the city would be polluted if the United Coalitions needs weren't met. Gregor ... read more

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1x15 Obsessed aired Jul 20, 1997

David Fanning is one of the world's most dangerous hit men, but Section One is powerless to stop him. Fanning possess... read more

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1x16 Noise aired Jul 27, 1997

While on a mission to tag a stockpile of Stinger missiles, the Section van is breached, and Birkoff is forced to defe... read more

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1x17 War aired Aug 03, 1997

The stolen Directory has ended up in the hands of Red Cell, and operatives are being hit around the world. Section is... read more

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1x18 Missing aired Aug 10, 1997

One of the members of a criminal organization that steals classified information to sell to the highest bidder is Ope... read more

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1x19 Voices aired Aug 17, 1997

While working undercover near a Central European Consulate, Nikita is confronted by a known serial rapist. Nikita eas... read more

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1x20 Brainwash aired Sep 21, 1997

When Nikita is sent to investigate a bartender at a posh club who may be a terrorist contact, he responds to her ques... read more

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1x21 Verdict aired Sep 28, 1997

Jovan Mijovich has been elected as premier of his new nation, but there is a hit man out to assassinate him. Nikita a... read more

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1x22 Mercy aired Oct 05, 1997

Section One is hot on the trail of Tyler, one of the world's most dangerous terrorists. After Tyler kidnaps a young i... read more


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