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Lilo & Stitch: The Series Season 1

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1x01 Richter aired Sep 20, 2003

Experiment #513 - Richter Stitch doesn't know how to take care of anything, or things that don't belong to him. He's... read more

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1x02 Phantasmo aired Sep 27, 2003

Experiment #375 - Phantasmo Experiment #375 has been activated; a phantom-like experiment that can inhabit and anima... read more

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1x03 Clip aired Oct 04, 2003

Experiment #177 - Clip Lilo is upset when Mertle gets a nice-looking fancy hairdo. But when she encounters a hair-ea... read more

Mr. Stenchy
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1x04 Mr. Stenchy aired Oct 11, 2003

Experiment #254 - Mr. Stenchy Lilo and Stitch have captured a new experiment, #254. He is insanely cute too, and cha... read more

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1x05 Holio aired Oct 12, 2003

Experiment #606 - Holio It's Mertle's birthday, and she's got a brand new bracelet! But Lilo soon finds out it's got... read more

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1x06 Spooky aired Oct 12, 2003

Experiment #300 - Spooky It's Hallowe'en! Lilo has dressed up as a gory character, while Nani is trying to get every... read more

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1x07 Cannonball aired Oct 13, 2003

Experiment #520 - Cannonball A bird has discovered a strange blue ball in her nest. After deciding she doesn't need ... read more

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1x08 Yapper aired Oct 13, 2003

Experiment #007 - Gigi Mertle has got a new dog; Gigi. Little does she know, it's really Experiment #007, a dog that... read more

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1x09 Yin-Yang aired Oct 17, 2003

Experiments #501 - Yin and #501 - Yang Experiments #501 and #502 are both activated at the same time, a water spraye... read more

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1x10 Kixx aired Oct 20, 2003

Experiment #601 - Kixx When Experiment #601 is activated, things are looking bad, as he is beating up the islanders.... read more

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1x11 Splodyhead aired Oct 24, 2003

Experiment #619 - Splodyhead Stitch won't listen to Lilo's advice about trying to see the good in people, and will g... read more

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1x12 Amnesio aired Oct 27, 2003

Experiment #303 - Amnesio It's Lilo's birthday, but no one has remembered. So, she decides to give herself her own p... read more

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1x13 Swirly aired Nov 03, 2003

Experiment #383 - Swirly A new show called 'Look at This!' is going to be broadcast lives in the Birds of Paradise H... read more

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1x14 Fibber aired Nov 07, 2003

Experiment #032 - Fibber Pleakley's mother is badgering him about finding a wife, and has even found a perfect candi... read more

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1x15 Tank aired Nov 10, 2003

Experiment #586 - Tank The Hula Girls have ditched Mertle for Lilo, and consequently, Lilo neglects Stitch to hang w... read more

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1x16 Sprout aired Nov 14, 2003

Experiment #509 - Sprout Lilo finds the pod for Experiment #509, which is a plant experiment. Lilo wants to activate... read more

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1x17 Elastico aired Nov 17, 2003

Experiment #345 - Elastico Lilo is going to perform a Hula Dance, but gets angry when Stitch gets in her way. He run... read more

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1x18 Yaarp aired Nov 21, 2003

Experiment #613 - Yaarp Mrs. Hasagawa is watering her vegetables innocently one morning. However, she activates Expe... read more

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1x19 627 aired Nov 24, 2003

Experiment #627 Stitch has been recently very successful at capturing and repurposing the Experiments, but it's gone... read more

The Asteroid
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1x20 The Asteroid aired Dec 01, 2003

No Experiments Are Featured In This Episode In a trip to the observatory, Lilo and Stitch overhear Cobra telling an ... read more

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1x21 Topper aired Dec 05, 2003

Experiment #025 - Topper Stitch is having his first Christmas on Earth, and Lilo is trying to teach him about the ho... read more

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1x22 Melty aired Dec 08, 2003

Experiment #228 - Melty Lilo makes an idiot of herself in front of Keoni, so she and Stitch decide to use Jumba's Ti... read more

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1x23 Houdini aired Dec 12, 2003

Experiment #604 - Houdini Stitch and Pleakley are working up a terrible magic act to perform at one of Mertle's part... read more

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1x24 Sinker aired Dec 15, 2003

Experiment #602 - Sinker Lilo is having high hopes for Keoni and his sailboat entry in a regatta, until his boat is ... read more

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1x25 Nosy aired Dec 19, 2003

Experiment #199 - Nosy Nani wants a job at Mr. Jameson's hotel, so she invites him and his son Keoni over for brunch... read more

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1x26 Finder aired Dec 22, 2003

Experiment #458 - Finder Experiment #458 can find absolutely anything, so Lilo names him Finder. And when she takes ... read more

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1x27 Slushy aired Dec 26, 2003

Experiment #523 - Slushy A giant heatwave has struck Kauai. Lilo is trying to get Stitch to try something to escape ... read more

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1x28 Dupe aired Dec 29, 2003

Experiment #344 - Dupe Lilo and Stitch have managed to capture Experiment #344, who can duplicate anything. This lea... read more

Short Stuff
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1x29 Short Stuff aired Jan 02, 2004

Experiment #297 - ShortStuff Stitch is getting really upset about people thinking he's too short, so Pleakley uses J... read more

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1x30 Angel aired Jan 05, 2004

Experiment #624 - Angel Experiment #624 has been activated by Gantu, and is used as a secret weapon to try to turn S... read more

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1x31 Felix aired Jan 09, 2004

Experiments #010 - Felix and #010.2 - Oscar Experiment #010 is a neat-freak, named Felix. So when it won't stop clea... read more

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1x32 Poxy aired Jan 11, 2004

Experiment #222 - Poxy Poxy is activated one day when Pleakley eats it in his cereal! So, Lilo and Stitch must get s... read more

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1x33 HunkaHunka aired Jan 11, 2004

Experiment #323 - HunkaHunka Keoni is in love with Pleakley, and Lilo thinks Experiment #323 has been activated and ... read more

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1x34 Sample aired Jan 11, 2004

Experiment #258 - Sample #258 is activated. #258 is a sound experiment, that records sounds and plays them back to p... read more

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1x35 Baby-Fier aired Jan 12, 2004

Experiment #151 - BabyFier Experiment #151, BabyFier, has been activated, and has the ability to turn adults into ba... read more

Bonnie And Clyde
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1x36 Bonnie And Clyde aired Jan 16, 2004

Experiments #149 - Bonnie and #150 Clyde Bonnie and Clyde, two stealing experiments, are activated at the same time ... read more

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1x37 Slugger aired Jan 26, 2004

Experiment #608 - Slugger After Pleakley's incompetence in baseball causes Lilo, Stitch, and Stitch's cousins to los... read more

Bad Stitch
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1x38 Bad Stitch aired Jan 30, 2004

No Experiments Are Featured In This Episode Stitch has been acting badly, and Nani is having trouble paying all the ... read more

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1x39 Drowsy aired Feb 09, 2004

Experiment #360 - Drowsy Stitch uses a sleeping experiment to get Lilo to sleep. The only problem is he doesn't know... read more


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