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Louis Theroux's Weird Weekends Season 1

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11 votes
1x01 Christianity aired Jan 15, 1998

Louis Theroux travels to America's Bible Belt to take a look at Christianity and Televangelists

awaiting 10 votes
1x02 UFOs aired Jan 22, 1998

Louis Theroux follows several people who believe in UFO's in an effort to understand what it is that makes people believe.

13 votes
1x03 Porn aired Jan 29, 1998

Louis Theroux investigates the porn industry in Southern California.

Head for the Hills
10 votes
1x04 Head for the Hills aired Feb 05, 1998

Louis Theroux meets up with some military enthusiasts and right-wing patriots who are preparing for Armaggedon.

awaiting 10 votes
1x05 Weird Christmas aired Dec 23, 1998

Louis hooks up with four "weird" people, starring in the first season of his "Weird Weekends" documentary: fundamental Christian Randy James, reverend Robert... read more


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