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In an experimental city of despair and carnage, ORGAN will do anything necessary to gain power and wealth. Unfortunately for one underground boxer who was mutilated, a rogue doctor has given him what ORGAN specializes in and he despises: Texhnolyze body parts. Will these cybernetic appendages help exact his revenge upon the one who made him this way?

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1x01 Stranger
aired Apr 16, 2003


Szczurek (Jul 18, 2011)

After seeing every episode I was telling myself: boring, maybe next would be better. And that's how I finished the series. After seeing all episodes I thought 'yeah, maybe this wasn't outstanding, but after all, they've managed to put there some great concepts'. Now, about a month after finishing the series I'm constantly having this thought: 'omg, this was so awesome... and that... and all the other thing'. If you wan't somehow up-to-date post-modernistic social commentary based on existentialism philosophy you just HAVE TO watch Texhnolyze.

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  • Status Ended
  • Premiered Apr 16, 2003
  • Genre Anime, Drama, Sci-Fi, Animation, Science-Fiction
  • Country Japan
  • Network Fuji TV
  • Runtime 25 minutes
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