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The A-Team Season 4

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Judgment Day (1)
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4x01 Judgment Day (1) aired Sep 24, 1985

The A-Team goes to Italy to rescue a judge's daughter from mobsters, then must spend the journey home aboard an ocean... read more

Judgment Day (2)
awaiting 10 votes
4x02 Judgment Day (2) aired Sep 24, 1985

The A-Team goes to Italy to rescue a judge's daughter from mobsters, then must spend the journey home aboard an ocean... read more

Where is the Monster When You Need Him?
awaiting 10 votes
4x03 Where is the Monster When You Need Him? aired Oct 01, 1985

The A-Team must make do with movie prop guns against the real things when they are attacked while helping Hannibal an... read more

Lease with an Option to Die
awaiting 10 votes
4x04 Lease with an Option to Die aired Oct 22, 1985

Some muscle men make a big mistake when they try to force B.A.'s momma out of her apartment. read more

The Road to Hope
awaiting 10 votes
4x05 The Road to Hope aired Oct 29, 1985

Hannibal poses as a wino to avoid being caught by the Army and stumbles onto a racket that involves killing the derel... read more

The Heart of Rock n' Roll
awaiting 10 votes
4x06 The Heart of Rock n' Roll aired Nov 05, 1985

Singer Rick James asks the A-Team to help an old rock-and-roll legend whose life in prison has suddenly become very d... read more

Body Slam
awaiting 10 votes
4x07 Body Slam aired Nov 12, 1985

Hulk Hogan asks his old friend B.A. for the A-Team's help against a mobster who is out to close down a youth center f... read more

Blood, Sweat and Cheers
awaiting 10 votes
4x08 Blood, Sweat and Cheers aired Nov 19, 1985

Someone sabotages a car at a regional stock-car race and attracts the A-Team's attention-the car belongs to Hannibal'... read more

Mind Games
awaiting 10 votes
4x09 Mind Games aired Nov 26, 1985

Face quits the A-Team after receiving a full government pardon and quickly becomes a celebrity, the rest of the A-Tea... read more

There Goes the Neighborhood
awaiting 10 votes
4x10 There Goes the Neighborhood aired Dec 03, 1985

The A-Team moves a rock star threatened with kidnapping into a quiet suburban neighborhood, which doesn't stay quite ... read more

The Doctor is Out
awaiting 10 votes
4x11 The Doctor is Out aired Dec 10, 1985

The A-Team travels to South America to find Murdock's psychiatrist, accompanied by a woman claiming to be his daughter. read more

Uncle Buckle-Up
awaiting 10 votes
4x12 Uncle Buckle-Up aired Dec 17, 1985

The A-Team discovers a kiddie show is a front for a heroin ring when Hannibal auditions for a part. read more

Wheel of Fortune
awaiting 10 votes
4x13 Wheel of Fortune aired Jan 14, 1986

Murdock's fortunes rise and fall as he uses Face's system to win big on "Wheel of Fortune" but then is kidnapped duri... read more

The A-Team is Coming, the A-Team is Coming
awaiting 10 votes
4x14 The A-Team is Coming, the A-Team is Coming aired Jan 21, 1986

Soviet spys need the A-Teams help in preventing the theft of an American satellite weapon, whose disappearance would ... read more

Members Only
awaiting 10 votes
4x15 Members Only aired Jan 28, 1986

Face's chances of getting into an exclusive country club are severely hampered by the A-Team's battles on club proper... read more

Cowboy George
awaiting 10 votes
4x16 Cowboy George aired Feb 11, 1986

Face believes he's booked country singer Cowboy George into one of the roughest dance halls in the Southwest, but his... read more

Waiting for Insane Wayne
awaiting 10 votes
4x17 Waiting for Insane Wayne aired Feb 18, 1986

When Murdock gets mistaken for an insane mercenary the A-Team is drawn into a fight over property rights and an oil w... read more

The Duke of Whispering Pines
awaiting 10 votes
4x18 The Duke of Whispering Pines aired Feb 25, 1986

One of B.A.'s old girlfriends has a problem; her husband, B.A.'s old college rival, has disappeared. read more

Beneath the Surface
awaiting 10 votes
4x19 Beneath the Surface aired Mar 04, 1986

Face returns to his orphanage for a reunion and meets an old friend's sister, who's worried about her brother's disap... read more

Mission of Peace
awaiting 10 votes
4x20 Mission of Peace aired Mar 11, 1986

Senior citizens hire the A-Team to protect their historic Texas mission home and tourist attraction from land develop... read more

The Trouble with Harry
awaiting 10 votes
4x21 The Trouble with Harry aired Mar 25, 1986

Hulk Hogan comes to visit B.A. but the reunion is interrupted by a cry for help from a troubled youth with an alcohol... read more

A Little Town with an Accent
awaiting 10 votes
4x22 A Little Town with an Accent aired May 06, 1986

The A-Team discovers an organized crime kingpin believed to be dead is behind the intimidation of several gas station... read more

The Sound of Thunder
awaiting 10 votes
4x23 The Sound of Thunder aired May 13, 1986

General Fulbright captures the A-Team then offers to let them prove their innocence by accompanying him to Vietnam an... read more


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