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The Drinky Crow Show Season 1

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1x01 Beer Goggles aired Nov 23, 2008

After being dumped, Drinky Crow cuts out his eyes and replaces them with beer goggles so that he can date a hideous bar skank without being disgusted with hi... read more

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1x02 Tunnel Girls aired Dec 28, 2008

Uncle Gabby dates a girl who is looking for a cheap thrill before her wedding night, while a harem of girls who can turn into a race car try to seduce Drinky... read more

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1x03 Organs aired Dec 14, 2008

Phoebe convinces Drinky Crow to quit drinking, which infuriates his brain. Meanwhile, Uncle Gabby falls in love with DeBoursay, a French spy currently locked... read more

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1x04 Whale Show aired Nov 30, 2008

Drinky Crow wakes up one morning and remembers his new girlfriend being torn apart by a whale. He turns his story into a hit whale show at a marine theme par... read more

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1x05 Old Girlfriend aired Dec 21, 2008

Drinky Crow reunites with his ex-girlfriend, Claire. Meanwhile, Uncle Gabby has plans to marry Captain's Daughter.

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1x06 God of Monkeys aired Dec 07, 2008

During a another battle against the French, Uncle Gabby gives Drinky Crow a hernia. Feeling guilt for the first time, he orders a "Monkey God" off of the int... read more

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1x07 Elephant Man aired Jan 04, 2009

After being dumped once again, Drinky Crow calls a suicide hotline and becomes friends with a victim of Proteus syndrome named Elephant Man. Uncle Gabby gets... read more

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1x08 Bar aired Jan 11, 2009

The Maak's Place bar is shutting down in three days due to lack of customers, so Drinky Crow comes up with a plan to bring American college students to the b... read more

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1x09 Aspire aired Jan 18, 2009

Drinky Crow must solve two mysteries – where are the ship's rats coming from and where is the French spy DeBoursay hiding her atomic reactor. The two solutio... read more

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1x10 Peace aired Jan 25, 2009

When Peace breaks out, Drinky Crow discovers his girlfriend is expecting eggs, and joins a torture and revenge racket to make ends meet.


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