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Battlestar Galactica Season 2

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65 votes
2x01 Scattered aired Jul 16, 2005

With Adama critically wounded, Colonel Tigh is now in a position he never wanted to be in: commander of Galactica. To... read more

Valley of Darkness
64 votes
2x02 Valley of Darkness aired Jul 23, 2005

The success of reuniting with the fleet is short-lived as Galactica has been boarded by a party of Cylon Centurions, ... read more

63 votes
2x03 Fragged aired Jul 30, 2005

Tigh feels further stress in his position when he must confront the Quorum of Twelve over Adama's decision to impriso... read more

61 votes
2x04 Resistance aired Aug 06, 2005

As Tyrol is jailed for suspicion of being a Cylon, Tigh's declaration of martial law is causing unrest in the fleet, ... read more

The Farm
62 votes
2x05 The Farm aired Aug 13, 2005

When Kara is wounded, she wakes up in a hospital where she discovers an unsettling part of the Cylons' plans. Now ... read more

Home (1)
61 votes
2x06 Home (1) aired Aug 20, 2005

Adama tries to carry on commanding the remains of the fleet, even with the loss of material and people. With the ... read more

Home (2)
66 votes
2x07 Home (2) aired Aug 27, 2005

Roslin and the others are still plagued by the dangers surrounding them on Kobol. This is especially troubling with t... read more

Final Cut
63 votes
2x08 Final Cut aired Sep 10, 2005

The actions of Tigh's temporary command has resulted in much negative perception of the military. In order to allevia... read more

Flight of the Phoenix
60 votes
2x09 Flight of the Phoenix aired Sep 17, 2005

Morale among the crew is beginning to wear thin. Their only rallying point of hope is the building of a fighter from ... read more

65 votes
2x10 Pegasus aired Sep 24, 2005

Everyone on Galactica is excited when they find another lost survivor of the Cylon attacks: the battlestar Pegasus. S... read more

Resurrection Ship (1)
60 votes
2x11 Resurrection Ship (1) aired Jan 07, 2006

When Kara returns from an unauthorised recon mission, Adama and Cain decide to put their conflict on hold long enough... read more

Resurrection Ship (2)
68 votes
2x12 Resurrection Ship (2) aired Jan 14, 2006

As the two battlestars prepare to destroy the Cylons' resurrection ship, Adama and Cain ready their people to carry o... read more

59 votes
2x13 Epiphanies aired Jan 21, 2006

Roslin's cancer pushes her to her final hours, as she looks back at her relationship with President Adar, and particu... read more

Black Market
59 votes
2x14 Black Market aired Jan 28, 2006

When Pegasus commander Jack Fisk is found murdered, Admiral Adama assigns Lee to investigate. Haunted by his near-dea... read more

60 votes
2x15 Scar aired Feb 04, 2006

Galactica sends Vipers to protect mining units on an asteroid from Cylon Raiders. But one in particular, filled with ... read more

62 votes
2x16 Sacrifice aired Feb 11, 2006

Adama's reliance on Sharon for information is put to the test when a widow and three assistants take hostages on Clou... read more

The Captain's Hand
61 votes
2x17 The Captain's Hand aired Feb 18, 2006

Lee and Kara butt heads with the new commander of Pegasus after a Raptor team goes missing. He is determined to rescu... read more

67 votes
2x18 Downloaded aired Feb 25, 2006

The consciousness of two Cylon models have been downloaded into new bodies and made celebrities for their success: th... read more

Lay Down Your Burdens (1)
59 votes
2x19 Lay Down Your Burdens (1) aired Mar 04, 2006

While on a major rescue mission to Caprica, an accident leads to the discovery of a habitable planet. And since it is... read more

Lay Down Your Burdens (2)
60 votes
2x20 Lay Down Your Burdens (2) aired Mar 11, 2006

As the fleet vote for their new leader, a shift in the Cylons' own leadership offers humanity a reprieve. However, Ro... read more


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