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Battlestar Galactica Season 3

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60 votes
3x01 Occupation aired Oct 07, 2006

With four months under Cylon occupation, a resistance group has gathered support on New Caprica in the hope of Adama ... read more

61 votes
3x02 Precipice aired Oct 07, 2006

While the Cylons begin a crackdown in an effort to help squash the insurgence, Adama continues with a plan to rescue ... read more

Exodus (1)
58 votes
3x03 Exodus (1) aired Oct 14, 2006

The resistance fighters prepare to coordinate efforts with Galactica to free the occupants of New Caprica as Adama or... read more

Exodus (2)
68 votes
3x04 Exodus (2) aired Oct 21, 2006

The New Caprica rescue mission gets underway. However, not everyone will make it off the planet and the battle, in fa... read more

57 votes
3x05 Collaborators aired Oct 28, 2006

Six of the New Caprica resistance fighters have formed a secret jury to privately try, judge, and execute "the worst ... read more

Torn (1)
53 votes
3x06 Torn (1) aired Nov 04, 2006

In an effort to continue the search for Earth, Roslin and Adama consult Baltar's own research to find the next signpo... read more

A Measure of Salvation (2)
53 votes
3x07 A Measure of Salvation (2) aired Nov 11, 2006

The crew of Galactica discover a deadly virus that could potentially wipe out the entire Cylon race. The only questio... read more

55 votes
3x08 Hero aired Nov 18, 2006

A man is discovered by the fleet after being imprisoned by the Cylons since before their attack on the Colonies. Unfo... read more

Unfinished Business
59 votes
3x09 Unfinished Business aired Dec 02, 2006

A boxing arena set up to relieve tension among the crew stirs up memories of personal events on New Caprica before th... read more

The Passage
56 votes
3x10 The Passage aired Dec 09, 2006

A food shortage leaves the fleet with no option but a dangerous passage through a radiation field to a planet they ho... read more

The Eye of Jupiter (1)
55 votes
3x11 The Eye of Jupiter (1) aired Dec 16, 2006

While on the algae planet, The Temple of Five is discovered, which could provide a path towards Earth. Their attempt ... read more

Rapture (2)
56 votes
3x12 Rapture (2) aired Jan 22, 2007

Led by Three's obsession, the Cylons close in on the temple with Lee and Anders trying to buy Tyrol time to find the ... read more

Taking a Break from All Your Worries
53 votes
3x13 Taking a Break from All Your Worries aired Jan 29, 2007

Imprisoned aboard Galactica, Baltar wrestles with the thoughts of whether he is truly human. Coupled with this is the... read more

The Woman King
51 votes
3x14 The Woman King aired Feb 12, 2007

An easily treatable illness strikes refugees on Galactica, especially among Sagittarons who refuse medical treatment ... read more

A Day in the Life
52 votes
3x15 A Day in the Life aired Feb 19, 2007

On their anniversary, Adama is reminded of his first wife, Carolanne, who he seemingly lets haunt him throughout the ... read more

Dirty Hands
56 votes
3x16 Dirty Hands aired Feb 26, 2007

As the process of refining the fleet's tyluim becomes difficult, the pressure is put on the workers to keep maintenan... read more

54 votes
3x17 Maelstrom aired Mar 05, 2007

After dreaming of Leoben and the mandala she painted as a child, Kara's fitness for flight is questioned when she enc... read more

The Son Also Rises
58 votes
3x18 The Son Also Rises aired Mar 12, 2007

Still dealing with Kara's death, Lee is appointed to protect Baltar's new lawyer, Romo Lampkin, after his predecessor... read more

Crossroads (1)
55 votes
3x19 Crossroads (1) aired Mar 19, 2007

The trial of Gaius Baltar begins, bringing startling revelations to light, and pitting a father and son on opposing s... read more

Crossroads (2)
76 votes
3x20 Crossroads (2) aired Mar 26, 2007

A testimony from an unexpected witness helps closes out Baltar's trial to a verdict. Meanwhile, the music that Tig... read more


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