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The Mitchell & Webb Situation Season 1

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Episode 1
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1x01 Episode 1 aired Oct 06, 2001

Sketches include the money-making farmer, the rubbish poisoner and the spoon designers. read more

Episode 2
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1x02 Episode 2 aired Oct 13, 2001

Sketches include the poor stage actor, the man alone in the restaurant and the noise-making bar staff. read more

Episode 3
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1x03 Episode 3 aired Oct 20, 2001

Sketches include the annoyed pub conversation man, the dirty phone calls and the over-safe stuntman. read more

Episode 4
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1x04 Episode 4 aired Oct 27, 2001

Sketches include Changing Meals, a somewhat worrying library visitor, and a child who asked some difficult questions. read more

Episode 5
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1x05 Episode 5 aired Nov 03, 2001

Sketches include a disturbing artist on a daytime art show, a porn magazine proof-reader, and backpacking around Engl... read more

Episode 6
awaiting 10 votes
1x06 Episode 6 aired Nov 10, 2001

Sketches include The Early 1990s House, soldiers who cannot live without their mobile phones, and a man who is guilty... read more


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