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The O.C.

The O.C.

Welcome to The O.C., an affluent community home to California’s elite. On the outside, these wealthy individuals seem to live in an idyllic paradise, but closed doors hide a world of deception, lies, and hidden loyalties.

The community of Newport was changed forever with the arrival of Ryan Atwood (Ben McKenzie), a brooding teenager from Chino taken under the wing of public defender Sandy Cohen (Peter Gallagher) and his wife, Kirsten (Kelly Rowan). But little did the Cohens know the large impact that Ryan would have on their family and friends. To their “adorkable” son, Seth (Adam Brody), Ryan became a close friend and brother in which he could confide and voice his troubles – especially in winning the heart of his long time crush Summer Roberts (Rachel Bilson). Ryan quickly fell for the girl next door, Marissa Cooper (Mischa Barton), but their relationship is tested in everything they do, as well as by Marissa's mother, Julie Cooper (Melinda Clarke), and in Ryan’s quest to escape from his troubled past.

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1x01 Pilot
aired Aug 05, 2003


Wanderlust (Jun 22, 2014)


checkyesb (Jan 13, 2013)

Watching it again <3

Maui (Dec 05, 2011)

Nice show :) Thinking about re-watching it.

I have to say, they should've ended it after season 3. But then again, that might have been too harsh.

Ontani (Oct 17, 2011)

I remember borrowing the DVD box from @Lemon and returning it the next week. Watched all 4 seasons in 1 week.

Zeal (Jul 23, 2011)

This "bullet" is the most annoying person I've ever seen on a TV show.

ColeFrost (Jul 07, 2011)


Same guy that does Chuck and Gossip Girl.

I liked it, especially the first season. The show drops off a lot later on, but is still good enough to finish.

oranges (Jul 07, 2011)

I'm slowly finding time for this. It's like a guilty pleasure for me, and/but it's great :D

I'm looking for more light shows these days, and this hits the spot. 'tis fun and hilarious and pretty pretty to top it off.

And uhh, Seth is undeniably the best sort of cool.

Lemon (Aug 16, 2010)

Finished it for the second time. Great show :)

felixvdp (Aug 07, 2010)

i grew up with this show (L)

Lemon (Aug 06, 2010)

Rewatching this. Still awesome :) I'm at episode 1x14 after two days :p

soulke (May 20, 2010)

The final season ruined it :p

Lemon (Mar 26, 2010)

I miss this :(

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  • Premiered Aug 05, 2003
  • Genre Drama, Soaps
  • Country United States
  • Network FOX
  • Runtime 60 minutes
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