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The Office (US) Season 2

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The Dundies
74 votes
2x01 The Dundies aired Sep 21, 2005

The staff heads out to Chili's for their annual awards ceremony, called "The Dundies." Michael hosts the evening's ev... read more

Sexual Harassment
69 votes
2x02 Sexual Harassment aired Sep 28, 2005

Michael's crude joker of a friend, Todd Packer, drops by the office and shares a tidbit of corporate gossip, annoying... read more

Office Olympics
67 votes
2x03 Office Olympics aired Oct 05, 2005

Michael spends the day out of the office to close the deal on his new condo, but he gets a case of cold feet. With Mi... read more

The Fire
71 votes
2x04 The Fire aired Oct 12, 2005

When a fire unexpectedly causes the Dunder Mifflin staff to evacuate into the parking lot, they play games to pass th... read more

63 votes
2x05 Halloween aired Oct 19, 2005

While the Office staff is distracted by their Halloween costumes and festivities, Michael must decide which office me... read more

The Fight
64 votes
2x06 The Fight aired Nov 02, 2005

After Dwight karate punches Michael, Jim organizes a lunchtime rematch at Dwight's dojo where Pam becomes annoyed whe... read more

The Client
61 votes
2x07 The Client aired Nov 09, 2005

Michael and Jan try to woo a new, important client over a meal at Chili's, and Jan is surprised at Michael's salesman... read more

Performance Review
60 votes
2x08 Performance Review aired Nov 16, 2005

It's performance review day, and the staff at the Scranton branch must discuss their work performances with Michael; ... read more

Email Surveillance
61 votes
2x09 Email Surveillance aired Nov 23, 2005

Michael begins to spy on his employees by reading their e-mails, which angers the entire staff. He learns that he was... read more

Christmas Party
62 votes
2x10 Christmas Party aired Dec 07, 2005

Michael tries to liven up the office Christmas party by suggesting a game of "Yankee Swap," but he wants to use the S... read more

Booze Cruise
60 votes
2x11 Booze Cruise aired Jan 06, 2006

Michael surprises the staff by taking them on a "motivational" lake cruise, but he doesn't want to submit to the ship... read more

The Injury
65 votes
2x12 The Injury aired Jan 13, 2006

When Michael has an accident with his George Foreman grill, he acts like a petulant child and even declares that he's... read more

The Secret
61 votes
2x13 The Secret aired Jan 20, 2006

Jim pals around with Michael so that he can be sure his crush on Pam won't be revealed to everyone else in the office... read more

The Carpet
61 votes
2x14 The Carpet aired Jan 27, 2006

Someone leaves a nasty mess on the carpet in Michael's office, which shakes his illusion of being loved by the staff.... read more

Boys And Girls
63 votes
2x15 Boys And Girls aired Feb 03, 2006

Jan arrives at the Scranton branch to lead a "women in the workplace" seminar for the ladies of Dunder Mifflin. Micha... read more

Valentine's Day
60 votes
2x16 Valentine's Day aired Feb 10, 2006

Michael heads up to a meeting at the Dunder Mifflin corporate offices, and of course since it's Valentine's Day, he e... read more

Dwight's Speech
64 votes
2x17 Dwight's Speech aired Mar 03, 2006

When Dwight must give a speech as the Dunder Mifflin Salesman of the Year, he turns to Michael and Jim for advice on ... read more

Take Your Daughter to Work Day
63 votes
2x18 Take Your Daughter to Work Day aired Mar 17, 2006

It's a crazy day at Dunder Mifflin when several employees bring their children in for "Take Your Daughter to Work Day... read more

Michael's Birthday
60 votes
2x19 Michael's Birthday aired Mar 31, 2006

Michael's birthday arrives, but everyone ignores his special day because they're more concerned about poor Kevin, who... read more

Drug Testing
61 votes
2x20 Drug Testing aired Apr 28, 2006

Dwight finds half of a joint in the parking lot, and since he's a volunteer sheriff, he takes it upon himself to seek... read more

Conflict Resolution
61 votes
2x21 Conflict Resolution aired May 05, 2006

Michael takes on the job of office mediator, and he creates more conflicts than he resolves. Everyone's secret, hidde... read more

Casino Night
76 votes
2x22 Casino Night aired May 12, 2006

Dunder Mifflin hosts a Casino Night in their warehouse for charity. The gambling and alcohol create a festive atmosph... read more


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