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The Secret Life of the American Teenager Season 1

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Falling In Love
awaiting 10 votes
1x01 Falling In Love aired Jul 02, 2008

15-year old Amy finds herself pregnant by the school cad, Ricky, after a one time hookup at band camp. Nice guy Ben joins the band to be near Amy. Jack has a... read more

You Are My Everything
awaiting 10 votes
1x02 You Are My Everything aired Jul 09, 2008

Gracie is unsure over whether she should forgive Jack, while Ricky and Ryan try to understand their relationship. Meanwhile, Amy begins to experience morning... read more

I Feel Sick
awaiting 10 votes
1x03 I Feel Sick aired Jul 16, 2008

Ben tries to plan his 1st "spontaneous" kiss with Amy which involves help from friends and even a giant stuffed bear. Meanwhile, Ricky leads Adrian to feel t... read more

awaiting 10 votes
1x04 Caught aired Jul 23, 2008

Ben's clingy behavior has Amy feeling crowded, especially in the wake of her parents increasingly strained relations. Meanwhile, Ricky keeps playing a part i... read more

What Have You Done to Me?
awaiting 10 votes
1x05 What Have You Done to Me? aired Jul 30, 2008

Ben and Amy have different ideas of what they should do: he would like to get married and she believes adoption is the way to go. Elsewhere, Ashley and Amy b... read more

Love For Sale
awaiting 10 votes
1x06 Love For Sale aired Aug 06, 2008

Amy finally tells her mother that she is pregnant. A rumor spreads at school that Amy is "taking care of a problem" on a day in which she failed to show up a... read more

awaiting 10 votes
1x07 Absent aired Aug 13, 2008

Ricky wrestles with the consequences of his actions (i.e., getting Amy pregnant). Meanwhile, Grace experiences difficulties with Tom, and Ben and Amy's relat... read more

Your Cheatin' Heart
awaiting 10 votes
1x08 Your Cheatin' Heart aired Aug 20, 2008

Amy's grandma visits and wants to help, while Adrian flaunts her new friendship with Grace.

Slice of Life
awaiting 10 votes
1x09 Slice of Life aired Aug 27, 2008

George uses Adrian's apartment as his own so he doesn't have to tell Amy and Ashley he is living at the furniture store, while Adrian searches out her own fa... read more

Back to School Special
awaiting 10 votes
1x10 Back to School Special aired Sep 03, 2008

Amy has finally made a decision concerning school. Elsewhere, Adrian's mom wishes she would have a relationship with her father, as Henry and Alice advance w... read more

Just Say No
awaiting 10 votes
1x11 Just Say No aired Sep 10, 2008

A salacious rumor and a call to Adrian's dad from the police occurs after she disappears from school. Meanwhile, Gracie receives a number of warnings concern... read more

The Secret Wedding of the American Teenager
awaiting 10 votes
1x12 The Secret Wedding of the American Teenager aired Jan 06, 2009

Amy and Ben decide to wed after she learns that she needs to find a job. Meanwhile, Anne tells George she wants a divorce, and George lives inside the garage... read more

Baked Nevada
awaiting 10 votes
1x13 Baked Nevada aired Jan 13, 2009

The parents of Ben and Amy learn of the wedding, and the news leads to a brief reunion by George and Anne. Meanwhile, Adrian's father is bent on finding out ... read more

The Father and the Son
awaiting 10 votes
1x14 The Father and the Son aired Jan 20, 2009

Rickie's abusive dad comes to town and offers him some advice as how he should approach his impending fatherhood. Meanwhile, Amy begins to seriously think ab... read more

That's Enough of That
awaiting 10 votes
1x15 That's Enough of That aired Jan 27, 2009

Amy's pregnancy has reached the point where she can find out what sex the baby is. Elsewhere, while working on his community service time, Jack believes he s... read more

Chocolate Cake
awaiting 10 votes
1x16 Chocolate Cake aired Feb 03, 2009

Amy becomes upset when Ricky asks Ben to come over, after she had wanted to talk over adoption options with him. The meeting is full of bickering until Amy d... read more

awaiting 10 votes
1x17 Unforgiven aired Feb 10, 2009

Ben causes a rough spot in his relationship with Amy after saying he needs some space. Elsewhere, more people are interviewed by Anne and George concerning t... read more

Making Up Is Hard To Do
awaiting 10 votes
1x18 Making Up Is Hard To Do aired Feb 17, 2009

Ricky makes an attempt to ruin the adoption plans. Elsewhere, Ashley tries to persuade Ben to go back to Amy.

Money for Nothing, Chicks for Free
awaiting 10 votes
1x19 Money for Nothing, Chicks for Free aired Feb 24, 2009

A possible job opens up for Anne. Elsewhere, Adrian wants to change her image, and Jack raises funds for underprivileged children.

Maybe Baby
awaiting 10 votes
1x20 Maybe Baby aired Mar 03, 2009

Amy's friends help her create a plan concerning her baby.

Whoomp! (There It Is)
awaiting 10 votes
1x21 Whoomp! (There It Is) aired Mar 10, 2009

Grace and Adrian decide to throw a baby shower for Amy, now that her due date nears. Meanwhile as they ready for the party, Grace and Jack have a moment of r... read more

One Night at Band Camp
awaiting 10 votes
1x22 One Night at Band Camp aired Mar 17, 2009

Amy goes into labor and recollects when she and Ricky first met at band camp and how he charmed her. Elsewhere, Tom tries to get Jack and Grace together agai... read more

And Unto Us, A Child Is Born
awaiting 10 votes
1x23 And Unto Us, A Child Is Born aired Mar 24, 2009

Amy has trouble adjusting to life as a mom as she gives birth to her baby. Meanwhile, Ricky likes fatherhood and becomes friends with Ben; and Anne is surpri... read more


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