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The Simpsons Season 1

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Simpsons Roasting on an Open Fire
49 votes
1x01 Simpsons Roasting on an Open Fire aired Dec 18, 1989

While Christmas shopping, Bart sneaks off and gets a tattoo. Marge soon discovers this and uses the family's Christma... read more

Bart the Genius
40 votes
1x02 Bart the Genius aired Jan 15, 1990

Bart has trouble on an intelligence test and sneakily switches tests with Martin Prince, the class genius. After the ... read more

Homer's Odyssey
38 votes
1x03 Homer's Odyssey aired Jan 22, 1990

Bart's class visits the Springfield Nuclear Power Plant and Homer, anxious to look like he is working, accidentally c... read more

There's No Disgrace Like Home
41 votes
1x04 There's No Disgrace Like Home aired Jan 29, 1990

Homer takes his family to the company picnic at Mr. Burns's manor. Marge, Bart and Lisa embarrass Homer and he notice... read more

Bart the General
37 votes
1x05 Bart the General aired Feb 05, 1990

Bart runs afoul of Nelson Muntz, the school bully, who begins attacking Bart every day after school. Homer suggests f... read more

Moaning Lisa
38 votes
1x06 Moaning Lisa aired Feb 12, 1990

Lisa becomes depressed, which begins to affect her performance in school. Neither Marge nor Homer are able to make Li... read more

The Call of the Simpsons
36 votes
1x07 The Call of the Simpsons aired Feb 19, 1990

Homer becomes envious of Flanders' new RV and goes to "Bob's RV Round-up" to buy one of his own. Settling on a dilapi... read more

The Telltale Head
38 votes
1x08 The Telltale Head aired Feb 26, 1990

Bart becomes friends with Jimbo, Dolph, and Kearney, a group of local troublemakers. Trying to impress them, Bart dec... read more

Life on the Fast Lane
37 votes
1x09 Life on the Fast Lane aired Mar 19, 1990

Having forgotten about Marge's birthday, Homer rushes to the Springfield mall and impulsively buys her a bowling ball... read more

Homer's Night Out
37 votes
1x10 Homer's Night Out aired Mar 26, 1990

Bart purchases a mini spy camera and manages to take a picture of Homer dancing with a stripper named Princess Kashmi... read more

The Crepes of Wrath
34 votes
1x11 The Crepes of Wrath aired Apr 16, 1990

Principal Skinner finally becomes fed up with Bart's pranks and proposes that Bart be sent to France as part of the s... read more

Krusty Gets Busted
37 votes
1x12 Krusty Gets Busted aired Apr 30, 1990

While buying ice cream at the Kwik-E-Mart, Homer witnesses a robbery perpetrated by a man believed to be Krusty the C... read more

Some Enchanted Evening
32 votes
1x13 Some Enchanted Evening aired May 14, 1990

Marge, feeling unappreciated by Homer, makes a call to a radio therapist, which Homer overhears at work. Homer, wanti... read more


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