The Sopranos Season 1

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1x01 Pilot aired Jan 10, 1999

Tony Soprano, a capo in the DiMeo Crime Family, begins therapy with Dr. Jennifer Melfi after having anxiety attacks. His mother, Livia, refuses to move to a ... read more

46 Long
100 votes
1x02 46 Long aired Jan 17, 1999

Christopher and Brendan Filone begin hijacking trucks. When they find that the owner of the trucks pays Junior for protection, their drug addictions prevent ... read more

Denial, Anger, Acceptance
100 votes
1x03 Denial, Anger, Acceptance aired Jan 24, 1999

The Sopranos hire the Buccos to cater a dinner party. Tony's daughter, Meadow, asks Christopher and Brendan for speed to help stay awake for SAT preparation.... read more

98 votes
1x04 Meadowlands aired Jan 31, 1999

Tony has his friend Detective Vin Makazian follow Dr. Melfi after she appears in his dreams. Christopher calls for retaliation against Junior and Mikey Palmi... read more

101 votes
1x05 College aired Feb 07, 1999

Tony and Meadow travel to Maine to visit colleges; and they discuss the nature of Tony's "business". Carmela fights the flu, and seeks comfort from Father In... read more

Pax Soprana
93 votes
1x06 Pax Soprana aired Feb 14, 1999

Uncle Junior is appointed boss of the DiMeo crime family. Tony engineers a way to get Junior to extend some leniency to a close Jewish friend. Carmela and To... read more

Down Neck
96 votes
1x07 Down Neck aired Feb 21, 1999

A.J. and his friends steal some sacramental wine and arrive to gym class drunk. Tony thinks little of the incident, until the school psychologist informs him... read more

The Legend of Tennessee Moltisanti
93 votes
1x08 The Legend of Tennessee Moltisanti aired Feb 28, 1999

The Lupertazzi Crime Family goes on the lam to avoid possible indictments from the FBI. Tony and his crew, though not including Christopher, are named as pos... read more

91 votes
1x09 Boca aired Mar 07, 1999

Parents are shocked when a successful high school coach commits a terrible crime. Gossip reaches Tony regarding Junior's sexual secrets. Junior is humiliated... read more

A Hit is a Hit
89 votes
1x10 A Hit is a Hit aired Mar 14, 1999

According to the suggestions of Dr. Melfi and Carmela, Tony attempts to be more social by getting to know some of his neighbors better. Christopher and his g... read more

Nobody Knows Anything
86 votes
1x11 Nobody Knows Anything aired Mar 21, 1999

A tip from Vin Makazian leads Tony to make a tough decision regarding one of his most trusted friends. Tony has Paulie Walnuts keep an eye on things. Junior,... read more

87 votes
1x12 Isabella aired Mar 28, 1999

Despite prescriptions for Prozac and lithium from Dr. Melfi, Tony falls into chronic depression. He hallucinates meeting Isabella, a beautiful Italian exchan... read more

I Dream of Jeannie Cusamano
93 votes
1x13 I Dream of Jeannie Cusamano aired Apr 04, 1999

Junior agrees with Tony on the situation with Jimmy Altieri. Tony finds out about his mother and uncle's plot. He warns Dr. Melfi that her life may be in dan... read more


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