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The Wire Season 1

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The Target
167 votes
1x01 The Target aired Jun 03, 2002

During the trial of D'Angelo Barksdale, a mid-level dealer accused of murder, the prosecution's star witness takes ba... read more

The Detail
147 votes
1x02 The Detail aired Jun 10, 2002

Carver, Herc and Pryzblewski abuse their authority in the Terrace. Meanwhile, D'Angelo gets an earful from his uncle ... read more

The Buys
143 votes
1x03 The Buys aired Jun 17, 2002

Bubbles ends up giving Sydnor fashion tips to help him go undercover and score drugs in the projects. The detectives ... read more

Old Cases
141 votes
1x04 Old Cases aired Jun 24, 2002

Greggs and McNulty desperately try to get Hardcase to turn informant as the arraignment begins for those caught in th... read more

The Pager
127 votes
1x05 The Pager aired Jul 01, 2002

Carver and Herc end up taking Bodie back into custody. Omar notices that his crew is beginning to disappear, one by o... read more

The Wire
128 votes
1x06 The Wire aired Jul 08, 2002

Brandon's body is discovered in a lot next door Poot and Wallace's house. Wallace gets worried whenAvon rewards him a... read more

One Arrest
128 votes
1x07 One Arrest aired Jul 22, 2002

After listening in on the wire, Greggs, Herc, Carver and Freamon make a bust, but the incident makes Avon and Stringe... read more

123 votes
1x08 Lessons aired Jul 29, 2002

McNulty decides to play a game with his sons that yields Stringer's license plate number. Greggs and Carver are more ... read more

Game Day
123 votes
1x09 Game Day aired Aug 05, 2002

Avon tries his best to stay one step ahead of a crosstown rival, but it ends up costing him. Herc and Carver end up l... read more

The Cost
128 votes
1x10 The Cost aired Aug 12, 2002

Now that the police have Wallace in their custody , McNulty, Daniels, and Pearlman have to figure out just what they ... read more

The Hunt
117 votes
1x11 The Hunt aired Aug 19, 2002

After the detail's scheduled drug bust goes wrong, Greggs winds up in intensive care and McNulty blames himself for w... read more

Cleaning Up
122 votes
1x12 Cleaning Up aired Sep 02, 2002

Since the tapped pay phones are on the blink, McNulty and Daniels have to try to listen in by wiring Barksdale's back... read more

129 votes
1x13 Sentencing aired Sep 09, 2002

McNulty, Bunk and Pearlman head to New Jersey to interview D'Angelo. In hopes they can continue the case, Daniels and... read more


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