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Tru Calling Season 1

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1x01 Pilot aired Oct 31, 2003

After Tru's mother dies, Tru hears her mother's voice tell her everything is ok. 20 years later a dead person asks for her help and time is reset to the morn... read more

Putting Out Fires
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1x02 Putting Out Fires aired Nov 07, 2003

A fire man asks for Tru's help unbeknown to her it's not for himself it's for the little girl that he couldn't rescue.

Brother's Keeper
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1x03 Brother's Keeper aired Nov 14, 2003

When Harrison falls in love he becomes a suspect of murder. Will Tru be able to find out what's going on?

Past Tense
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1x04 Past Tense aired Nov 21, 2003

Five men die at a bachelor party and it's up to Tru to find out why and save them after they all ask for help.

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1x05 Haunted aired Dec 05, 2003

A simple over dose is not so simple when a medical student asks Tru for help.

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1x06 Star-Crossed aired Dec 12, 2003

A pair of 'young lovers' killed in a car accident ask for Tru's help but everything is not what it seems. Tru tries to have a normal date with Luc but it nev... read more

Morning After
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1x07 Morning After aired Dec 19, 2003

Tru has a night off so she throws a party. An uninvited guest turns up and ends up next to her in bed stabbed to death.

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1x08 Closure aired Jan 09, 2004

When a young war hero is accidentally shot trying to leave a military hospital, Tru is asked once again for help and it's a race against time to help him.

Murder in the Morgue
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1x09 Murder in the Morgue aired Jan 16, 2004

After a bride is shot and sent to the Morgue, her husband asks to be alone with her, when Tru and Davis come back Davis is shot and it's up to Tru to save bo... read more

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1x10 Reunion aired Jan 23, 2004

Tru goes to a high school reunion to find out the most 'popular' girl in school has been drown in a swimming pool, it's up to Tru to find out who did it and ... read more

The Longest Day
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1x11 The Longest Day aired Feb 06, 2004

Tru relives the same day about five times as she doesn't know what she is doing wrong and she finally figures out what to do.

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1x12 Valentine aired Feb 13, 2004

Tru's Valentine's Day plans with Luc become disrupted when they bump in to Harrison.

Drop Dead Gorgeous
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1x13 Drop Dead Gorgeous aired Mar 19, 2004

A beauty pageant ends up dead behind stage and it's up to Tru to save her and find out why.

Daddy's Girl
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1x14 Daddy's Girl aired Mar 26, 2004

Tru's father comes to town and his new wife asks Tru and Harrison to help her sort out a party for their dad's birthday. Meanwhile, a man named Jack Harper t... read more

The Getaway
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1x15 The Getaway aired Apr 02, 2004

The reporter trying to uncover Tru's secret is shot and it's up to Tru to save her life but keep her own secret.

Two Pair
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1x16 Two Pair aired Apr 09, 2004

A dead body asks for help but the day is not restarted, Tru is puzzled and when another body asks for help her day is restarted.

Death Becomes Her
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1x17 Death Becomes Her aired Apr 16, 2004

Carly Anders is an actress who comes round the morgue to research for her 'new' movie. However Carly ends up dead, after she asks Tru for help Tru must find ... read more

Rear Window
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1x18 Rear Window aired Apr 23, 2004

Identity theft is the key word in this episode when a dead body comes in to the morgue to ask for help.

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1x19 D.O.A. aired Apr 30, 2004

Tru and Jack team up in this episode after Tru tells Jack about her gift.

Two Weddings and a Funeral
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1x20 Two Weddings and a Funeral aired Apr 30, 2004

Harrison dies but asks for Tru's help so when she stops him being killed Jack decides to hit her where it really hurts.


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