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Undergrads Season 1

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1x01 Party aired Apr 23, 2001

In an effort to impress his high school crush, Kimmy Burton, Nitz tries to pack as many first week college experience... read more

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1x02 Traditions aired Apr 30, 2001

State U. tradition has it that the first snowfall of the year means running around the campus...naked. To participate... read more

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1x03 Virgins aired May 07, 2001

After a Duggler led floor meeting on sex, Nitz grows uptight about his virginal status. And then mistakenly believing... read more

New Friends
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1x04 New Friends aired May 14, 2001

When the Click spaces out on his first birthday away from home, Nitz starts hanging with a new group of friends. Spud... read more

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1x05 Drunks aired Jun 09, 2001

A rough night of drinking convinces Rocko to give up the booze, even despite the efforts of his alcohol-induced-hallu... read more

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1x06 Roommates aired Jun 16, 2001

When Nitz finally gets tired of Cal's annoying habits, he moves into Jesse's room for the weekend as her roommate is ... read more

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1x07 Jerks aired Jun 23, 2001

Nitz promises to give Kimmy a magnificent travel clock he doesn't have, before she leaves to study abroad. Rocko's cr... read more

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1x08 Rivalries aired Jun 30, 2001

It's the big rivalry week between State U. and Techerson tech. Nitz and Gimpy get into a trivia war, thanks partially... read more

Financial Aid
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1x09 Financial Aid aired Jul 07, 2001

After a mishap, Nitz doesn't get his financial aid check. Kimmy is in a school activist group and so Nitz joins, whe... read more

Identity Crisis
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1x10 Identity Crisis aired Jul 23, 2001

After returning from winter break, Nitz finds that noone remembers him, he then figures everyone else has an identity... read more

Work Study
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1x11 Work Study aired Jul 30, 2001

In order to pay off the bill he ran up on his Mom's credit card, Nitz takes a crappy work study job at the library. H... read more

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1x12 Risk aired Aug 06, 2001

Nitz agrees to help Kimmy at the Spring Carnival, where Good Charolette will be playing. Instead he gets caught up in... read more

Screw Week
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1x13 Screw Week aired Aug 13, 2001

It's the final week of the year, commonly referred to a "screw week" Nitz deals with the fact that Kimmy might not be... read more


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