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Shameless (US) Season 4

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Simple Pleasures
179 votes
4x01 Simple Pleasures aired Jan 13, 2014

As we catch up with the Gallagher clan, Fiona is dividing her time between caring for the household and working at Wo... read more

My Oldest Daughter
171 votes
4x02 My Oldest Daughter aired Jan 20, 2014

Fiona begins to enjoy the perks of living life just above the poverty line. She uses her newly activated health benef... read more

Like Father, Like Daughter
168 votes
4x03 Like Father, Like Daughter aired Jan 27, 2014

Frank stalks his previously unseen daughter, Sammi, and is surprised to find out she has a son, Chuck. Meanwhile, Fio... read more

Strangers on a Train
166 votes
4x04 Strangers on a Train aired Feb 03, 2014

Against her better judgment, Fiona continues her secret affair with Robbie. The situation nearly boils over when Mike... read more

There's the Rub
184 votes
4x05 There's the Rub aired Feb 10, 2014

Fiona's bad decisions finally boil over, and Frank and Sammi continue to try to cure his liver trouble. read more

Iron City
174 votes
4x06 Iron City aired Feb 17, 2014

An accident lands Fiona in county jail. Frank gets some sobering news. read more

A Jailbird, Invalid, Martyr, Cutter, Retard, and Parasitic Twin
170 votes
4x07 A Jailbird, Invalid, Martyr, Cutter, Retard, and Parasitic Twin aired Feb 24, 2014

Guardianship duties fall upon Lip - who gets some unexpected assistance. read more

Hope Springs Paternal
174 votes
4x08 Hope Springs Paternal aired Mar 10, 2014

To prepare for a visit from her probation officer, Fiona must remove all paraphernalia from the house; Ian is kicked ... read more

The Legend of Bonnie and Carl
170 votes
4x09 The Legend of Bonnie and Carl aired Mar 17, 2014

Carl connects with a girl in detention; Lip and Amanda grow closer; Sheila returns with big plans; Fiona searches for... read more

Liver, I Hardly Know Her
163 votes
4x10 Liver, I Hardly Know Her aired Mar 24, 2014

Fiona violates terms of her probation, sending the family into search party mode. read more

190 votes
4x11 Emily aired Mar 31, 2014

Fiona is taken to a correctional facility while Frank wakes up in a daze after his surgery; Ian is irritated by the l... read more

198 votes
4x12 Lazarus aired Apr 07, 2014

Fiona gets out of jail. Frank is feeling like his old self. read more


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