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Young Justice

Young Justice

Don't call them sidekicks! Young Justice follows the adventures of the teenaged superheroes Aqualad (the team leader, age 15 or 16), Robin (age 13), Kid Flash (age 15), Superboy (age 16 weeks), Miss Martian (age 16 in Martian years), and Artemis (age 15), who have finally gained independence from their leaders and the privilege to start their own covert operations team (of the very popular Justice League). The series is not based on the Young Justice comic series by DC Comics or any comic series in particular, but is simply based on various young heroes of the DC universe - who are sidekicks and protgs of infamed adult DC superheroes (most of which make up the Justice League). Set in Earth 16, the show focuses on the heroes trying to use their powers and abilities to fight crime on their own and make a name for themselves while trying to handle their adolescent years at the same time. Batman takes on the role of the team's mentor and mission deployer, Red Tornado is the team supervisor, and Black Canary is the young heroes' combat trainer. As the series progresses, the main team's roster is expected to change as characters die, quit the team, and join the team.

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airing Oct 21, 2021

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aired Nov 26, 2010


rorypondicus (Aug 16, 2012)

kids put in grown up situations!!!

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  • 3.7 (37 votes)
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  • Status Returning series
  • Premiered Nov 26, 2010
  • Genre Animation General, Super Heroes, Action, Adventure, Animation
  • Country United States
  • Network Cartoon Network
  • Runtime 30 minutes
  • Links IMDb, TheTVDB


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