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The Defenders (2010) Season 1

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1x01 Pilot aired Sep 23, 2010

Nick and Pete use whatever tactics necessary in order to defend a young man facing murder charges in a case unique to... read more

Las Vegas v. Reid
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1x02 Las Vegas v. Reid aired Sep 30, 2010

Nick works the system to free a single mother accused of running down a jogger; Pete helps a man who is down on his l... read more

Nevada v. Carter
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1x03 Nevada v. Carter aired Oct 07, 2010

Nick defends a stripper accused of solicitation; Pete must take on an unwanted case after losing a hand of poker. read more

Nevada v. Cerrato
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1x04 Nevada v. Cerrato aired Oct 14, 2010

Nick is ready to accept a simple arson case until he realizes that his client could be convicted of first-degree murd... read more

Nevada v. Senator Harper
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1x05 Nevada v. Senator Harper aired Oct 21, 2010

In the middle of a divorce case, a client is charged with the kidnapping and burglary; Pete defends a cabana girl acc... read more

Nevada v. Rodgers
awaiting 10 votes
1x06 Nevada v. Rodgers aired Oct 28, 2010

Nick defends a man charged with attempted murder; a man is caught with stolen Elvis memorabilia. read more

Las Vegas v. Black Betty
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1x07 Las Vegas v. Black Betty aired Nov 04, 2010

Nick reluctantly defends an entertainer's girlfriend when she is charged with murder; Lisa's newest client reveals po... read more

Nevada v. Killa Diz
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1x08 Nevada v. Killa Diz aired Nov 11, 2010

Nick comes to the defense of a young rapper wanted on two counts of first-degree murder. Meanwhile, Pete takes the ca... read more

Whitten v. Fenlee
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1x09 Whitten v. Fenlee aired Nov 18, 2010

When a woman's husband dies from a fall on a construction site, Nick and Pete look to prove wrongful death against th... read more

Nevada v. Dennis
awaiting 10 votes
1x10 Nevada v. Dennis aired Dec 09, 2010

When a young man is pulled over carrying guns with filed-off serial numbers, Nick and Pete try to get the charges thr... read more

Nevada v. Riley
awaiting 10 votes
1x11 Nevada v. Riley aired Dec 16, 2010

Nick and Pete come to the aid of a troubled ex-football player charged with battery. Meanwhile, Pete becomes exaspera... read more

Nevada v. Wayne
awaiting 10 votes
1x12 Nevada v. Wayne aired Jan 13, 2011

Nick's personal ties to a young man charged with sexual assault prompt him to defend the accusations. Meanwhile, Pete... read more

Nevada v. Donnie The Numbers Guy
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1x13 Nevada v. Donnie The Numbers Guy aired Feb 05, 2011

Seventeen years after disappearing on the eve of his wife's murder trial, a man from Nick's past returns to Vegas loo... read more

Nevada v. Doug the Mule
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1x14 Nevada v. Doug the Mule aired Feb 12, 2011

When a young man is pulled over carrying 30 bricks of cocaine, Nick and Pete look to prove their client was duped by ... read more

Nevada v. Hunter
awaiting 10 votes
1x15 Nevada v. Hunter aired Feb 19, 2011

Facing thirty counts of possession of a controlled substance, an overconfident judge turns to Nick, who has no choice... read more

Noland v. Galloway Pharmaceuticals
awaiting 10 votes
1x16 Noland v. Galloway Pharmaceuticals aired Feb 26, 2011

Nick and Pete go after a pharmaceutical company for faulty packaging when two victims overdose on the same drug. Lisa... read more

Nevada v. Greene
awaiting 10 votes
1x17 Nevada v. Greene aired Mar 05, 2011

The firm represents a partier who is accused of murdering a woman while under the influence of alcohol. read more

Morelli v. Kaczmarek
10 votes
1x18 Morelli v. Kaczmarek aired Mar 12, 2011

The firm temporarily dissolves its partnership when they have to defend a husband and wife accused of murder. read more


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