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Outsourced Season 1

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13 votes
1x01 Pilot aired Sep 24, 2010

After returning from management training, Todd Dempsy has to relocate to India, where he meets an eclectic new group ... read more

The Measure of a Manmeet
13 votes
1x02 The Measure of a Manmeet aired Oct 01, 2010

When Todd reluctantly begins employee evaluations, the staff becomes nervous about their job security. After Todd's b... read more

Party of Five
12 votes
1x03 Party of Five aired Oct 08, 2010

Todd and Charlie's attempt to double date Asha and Tonya goes awkwardly awry when Gupta invites himself along for the... read more

Jolly Vindaloo Day
13 votes
1x04 Jolly Vindaloo Day aired Oct 15, 2010

Exploiting Todd's unfamiliarity with Indian holidays, Rajiv creates a fake holiday in order to get him out of the off... read more

Touched by an Anglo
15 votes
1x05 Touched by an Anglo aired Oct 22, 2010

When a box of risque novelty items arrives at the call center, Todd notices that some of his staff members seem uncom... read more

12 votes
1x06 Bolloween aired Oct 29, 2010

Excited about Halloween, Todd tries to get the office in the holiday spirit, but his co-workers have no idea what Hal... read more

Truly, Madly, Pradeeply
23 votes
1x07 Truly, Madly, Pradeeply aired Nov 05, 2010

When Asha begins taking the next step toward her arranged marriage, Todd and Manmeet step in and devise a plan that w... read more

Home for the Diwalidays
23 votes
1x08 Home for the Diwalidays aired Nov 12, 2010

Unaware of Diwali, the biggest and holiest holiday in India, Todd is caught off guard when his staffers automatically... read more

Temporary Monsanity
24 votes
1x09 Temporary Monsanity aired Nov 19, 2010

Todd begins feeling pressure from his family to succeed, so he tries to impress them by winning a Black Friday sales ... read more

Homesick to My Stomach
27 votes
1x10 Homesick to My Stomach aired Dec 03, 2010

Todd's feeling homesick for all things American until he learns he will be able to watch his favorite football team, ... read more

A Sitar is Born
30 votes
1x11 A Sitar is Born aired Jan 21, 2011

When Todd hears a beautiful singing voice, he is shocked to discover who it belongs too. Eager to help make someone's... read more

Sari, Charlie
29 votes
1x12 Sari, Charlie aired Jan 28, 2011

When Todd tries to protect Charlie's feelings by keeping his relationship with Tonya a secret, someone unexpected get... read more

Training Day
33 votes
1x13 Training Day aired Feb 04, 2011

Todd decides to reward his staffers for all of their hard work by taking them on a retreat which is an hour outside o... read more

The Todd Couple
33 votes
1x14 The Todd Couple aired Feb 11, 2011

When the call center workers begin exhibiting poor customer service, Todd decides it is time to give his employees an... read more

Guess Who's Coming to Delhi
35 votes
1x15 Guess Who's Coming to Delhi aired Feb 18, 2011

When Todd's U.S. boss Jerry makes a surprise visit, Todd instructs his staff to be on their best behavior. However, T... read more

Take this Punjab and Shove it
42 votes
1x16 Take this Punjab and Shove it aired Feb 25, 2011

When one of the call center workers quits, Todd is excited to have the opportunity to hire a new employee. After inte... read more

Todd's Holi War
46 votes
1x17 Todd's Holi War aired Mar 18, 2011

The call center does battle with the A-team; Rajiv plots the perfect proposal. read more

Gupta's Hit and Manmeet's Missus
43 votes
1x18 Gupta's Hit and Manmeet's Missus aired Mar 25, 2011

Todd is shocked when he learns that Rajiv allegedly slapped Gupta. After hearing both sides of the story, Todd finds ... read more

Charlie Curries a Favor from Todd
48 votes
1x19 Charlie Curries a Favor from Todd aired Apr 08, 2011

When Charlie loses his call center job, Todd hesitantly hires him until he finds a new one. However, Charlie has a ha... read more

Mama Sutra
46 votes
1x20 Mama Sutra aired Apr 15, 2011

When Todd learns that Tonya's mom is back in town for another visit, he is determined to go out of his way to make a ... read more

Rajiv Ties the Baraat (1)
55 votes
1x21 Rajiv Ties the Baraat (1) aired May 06, 2011

On the eve of Rajiv's upcoming nuptials, Todd decides to throw him an American bachelor party. Running into obstacles... read more

Rajiv Ties the Baraat (2)
55 votes
1x22 Rajiv Ties the Baraat (2) aired May 13, 2011

After Rajiv is found in a compromising position he worries that the wedding will be called off. These worries are rep... read more


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