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Boston Legal

Boston Legal

Boston Legal is a spin-off of the incredibly successful law drama, The Practice. Boston Legal is a legal drama/comedy about the Boston firm, Crane, Poole, & Schmidt, and its crazy, odd-ball attorneys, the out of the ordinary cases they try, and the all the antics that come with working in one of the most successful law firms in the world. CP&S is headed, or so he thinks, by Denny Crane, a brash, narcissistic, and sometimes brilliant attorney with a penchant for his own name. Denny’s love for himself may only be eclipsed by his love for firearms. His best friend in the firm is the maniacal Alan Shore who has his own quirks that he would like kept hidden if at all possible. Alan is the one in the firm you go to with the nastiest of cases. He has no qualms about getting his hands, or for that matter anything else, dirty and doing whatever it takes to make sure that his side is the one that comes out victorious.

The firm is really run by Shirley Schmidt. When she’s not trying to suppress Denny’s come-ons, for whom she has had a previous relationship, and trying to wrangle Alan from crossing the line and getting himself disbarred, she is trying some of the most difficult cases in Boston. She is an accomplished attorney that few would want to go up against. She is helped in the firm by Carl Sack, who has recently transferred from the New York office. Carl is not overly welcomed at CP&S at first, but a few of the members have grown to respect him.

New to the firm are Katie Lloyd and Lorraine Weller. Katie just came out of law school and recently joined CP&S while Lorraine Weller has been prosecuting against Alan in the past as well as represented Stanford University in a case against Shirley Schmidt.

Rounding out the firm are Clarence Bell and Jerry Espenson. Clarence has multiple personalities that include Clarice, Clevant, and even Oprah. Jerry has Asperger's Syndrome which gives him some odd ticks like hopping and purring. Both have shown to be excellent litigators and have tried occasional cases for CP&S with the help of other associates and senior partners.

If you need your case won and you can afford them, then you go to Crane, Poole, & Schmidt.

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  • Premiered Oct 03, 2004
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