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De Pappenheimers

De Pappenheimers

In this quiz format, teams of two from the public at large answer questions, with this twist that one must buzz, but may not answer - hence the title which refers to the Dutch expression which literally translates as "knowing one's Pappenheimers", i.e. know (at the feudal general Wallerstein, who levied some troops from his native Pappenheim) well who one deals with. After the first round, each team gets to choose blindly a third member from a small pool of Dutch-languages celebrities, only hearing their voices and answers to a few questions probing their interests; the captain (a non-celebrity) must now decide who answers the questions before they are known, based on the announced categories. After team elimination, the members of the finalist team must each answer questions in a race against the clock, wrong answers meaning the number of questions is augmented.

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aired Jan 19, 2003


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  • Status Ended
  • Premiered Jan 19, 2003
  • Genre Celebrities, Comedy, Game Show
  • Country Belgium
  • Network Vier
  • Runtime 60 minutes
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