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7th Heaven

7th Heaven

7th Heaven is based on the friends and family of Reverend Eric Camden (Stephen Collins). Eric and his wife Annie (Catherine Hicks) over the past 11 years have raised their 7 kids, Matt (Barry Watson), Mary (Jessica Biel), Lucy (Beverley Mitchell), Simon (David Gallagher), Ruthie (Mackenzie Rosman), Sam and David (Lorenzo and Nikolas Brino).

Throughout the run of the series the family have overcome many obstacles such as being shot, car accidents, heart conditions, pregnancies and weddings. In the end the family is always there to support each other.

Lately many members of the family have been dealing with very difficult situations. Some of those situations include Sarah (Sarah Danielle Madison) and Matt's secret elope being revealed to the Camden family, Carlos (Carlos Ponce) and Mary's split up, Rose (Sarah Thompson) and Simon's wedding plans, Simon getting incomplete's at college, Simon being in debt. Also Lucy has been under much pressure with her new job. Friends of the family have also been dealing with struggles such as Meredith Davies (Megan Henning) losing her first love. Martin Brewer (Tyler Hoechlin) and Sandy Jameson (Haylie Duff) also find out they're having a child together, at first Martin ignores the whole thing until baby is born, at that point he steps in and performs his duties as a father.

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aired Aug 26, 1996


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  • Premiered Aug 26, 1996
  • Genre Drama, Family
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  • Runtime 60 minutes
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