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Awake Season 1

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232 votes
1x01 Pilot aired Mar 02, 2012

When Detective Michael Britten (Jason Isaacs) regains consciousness following his family's car accident, he is told t... read more

The Little Guy
217 votes
1x02 The Little Guy aired Mar 09, 2012

Detective Michael Britten continues to deal with his parallel versions of reality. In one world he’s looking for ways... read more

214 votes
1x03 Guilty aired Mar 16, 2012

Rex is kidnapped by an escaped convict Michael arrested 10 years ago; an investigation in Michael's other reality get... read more

Kate is Enough
187 votes
1x04 Kate is Enough aired Mar 23, 2012

Cases in both realities reintroduce Michael to Rex's former babysitter Kate, whose life has taken two very different ... read more

178 votes
1x05 Oregon aired Mar 30, 2012

Detective Britten suddenly becomes a suspect in his own case when an FBI agent, Santoro, questions his methods of tra... read more

That's Not My Penguin
177 votes
1x06 That's Not My Penguin aired Apr 06, 2012

While working a hostage situation with Detective Vega, Detective Michael Britten unexpectedly finds himself collabora... read more

Ricky's Tacos
151 votes
1x07 Ricky's Tacos aired Apr 13, 2012

An unexpected tip leads Detective Britten to an empty warehouse that was tied to a case he was investigating prior to... read more

146 votes
1x08 Nightswimming aired Apr 20, 2012

Detective Britten helps reunite and prepare a couple for a new life in the witness protection program; an introductio... read more

Game Day
142 votes
1x09 Game Day aired Apr 27, 2012

The final play in a big football rivalry happens differently in Detective Britten's two realities; Rex's heart is bro... read more

Slack Water
131 votes
1x10 Slack Water aired May 04, 2012

Detective Britten and Bird look into what appears to be a case of gang violence, but clues from his other reality for... read more

Say Hello to My Little Friend
147 votes
1x11 Say Hello to My Little Friend aired May 11, 2012

An unusual dream disrupts Britten's ability to switch realities, and a mysterious man causes him distress; Captain Ha... read more

Two Birds
143 votes
1x12 Two Birds aired May 18, 2012

Detective Britten doesn't know who to trust when the truth behind the accident begins to reveal itself and a high-ran... read more

Turtles All the Way Down
152 votes
1x13 Turtles All the Way Down aired May 25, 2012

As Britten starts to realize the truth behind the accident, a conspiracy threatens both of his realities; Britten goe... read more

awaiting 10 votes
1x14 TBA airdate unknown

No summary found for this show

awaiting 10 votes
1x15 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10,11,12,13,14 airdate unknown

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