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Spy (2011) Season 2

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Codename: Growing Rogue
11 votes
2x01 Codename: Growing Rogue aired Oct 19, 2012

Tensions simmer at school when new boy Nick stands against Marcus for school president. Tim tries to help Marcus but,... read more

Codename: Riding High
11 votes
2x02 Codename: Riding High aired Oct 26, 2012

They say you can't help who you fall for, but a woman in the Witness Protection Programme - really, Tim, really? T... read more

Codename: Lie Hard
10 votes
2x03 Codename: Lie Hard aired Nov 02, 2012

Maintaining a secret identity is a mighty ask, and there's every chance that Tim's cover is going to be blown when he... read more

Codename: Mistaken Identity
awaiting 10 votes
2x04 Codename: Mistaken Identity aired Nov 09, 2012

The Examiner is on star-spotting duties and casts Tim and Caitlin in a recruitment video. It seems like a perfectly g... read more

Codename: Family Bonds
awaiting 10 votes
2x05 Codename: Family Bonds aired Nov 16, 2012

After Judith receives a blow to the head she wakes up believing that she's still married to Tim. Poor Philip is under... read more

Codename: Citizen Lame
awaiting 10 votes
2x06 Codename: Citizen Lame aired Nov 23, 2012

Marcus is obnoxiously bright, the kind of kid you imagine becoming a world leader, or, alternatively, criminal master... read more

Codename: Ball Busted
10 votes
2x07 Codename: Ball Busted aired Nov 30, 2012

Marcus's hopes of organising the Summer Ball are dashed when the dreaded Mrs Godfrey usurps Philip as the school head... read more

Codename: Double Oh
awaiting 10 votes
2x08 Codename: Double Oh aired Dec 07, 2012

After bumping into his MI5 body double, who happens to be a genius, Tim agrees to compete for custody of Marcus. Mori... read more

Codename: Pulp Friction
10 votes
2x09 Codename: Pulp Friction aired Dec 14, 2012

While Chris tells one porky too many in a bid to turn Marcus into a celebrated author, Portis busily prepares for Cai... read more

Codename: Last Scupper
11 votes
2x10 Codename: Last Scupper aired Dec 21, 2012

Tim is given extra incentive to rekindle his romance with Caitlin after finding himself on an assassin's hit list. Ma... read more


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