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Spartacus: Vengeance

Spartacus: Vengeance

On the heels of the bloody escape from the House of Batiatus that concluded Spartacus: Blood and Sand, the gladiator rebellion continues and begins to strike fear into the heart of the Roman Republic in Spartacus: Vengeance. Gaius Claudius Glaber and his Roman troops are sent to Capua to crush the growing band of freed slaves that Spartacus leads before it can inflict further damage. Spartacus is presented the choice of satisfying his personal need for vengeance against the man that condemned his wife to slavery and eventual death or making the larger sacrifices necessary to keep his budding army from breaking apart. Containing all of the blood-soaked action, exotic sexuality, and villainy and heroism that has come to distinguish the series, the tale of Spartacus resumes in epic fashion. (Source: Starz Entertainment)

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1x01 Fugitivus
aired Jan 28, 2012


Novasquare0 (Mar 12, 2012)

@HnsBa I totally agree, best one of the new season!

HnsBa (Mar 10, 2012)

Wow, speechless, just awesome new episode!

suhi (Mar 06, 2012)

I understand why they use AV actors, but why they let them write the dialogs?

Akrisha (Mar 01, 2012)

Epic episode :) :)

alossforbears (Feb 26, 2012)

@b0sse Yes it was!

b0sse (Feb 25, 2012)

ep05 just now was EPIC! :D

Retriev3r (Jan 21, 2012)

1x01 has been pre-aired - watching it right now :D

Bouncebread (Jan 21, 2012)

Pre-air's out for anyone interested.

CamilloVip (Jan 01, 2012)

I can't wait too!

chevrima (Nov 12, 2011)

can't wait

dieoff (Sep 19, 2011)

same here

alexisdhondt (Sep 03, 2011)

I can't wait !

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  • Premiered Jan 20, 2012
  • Genre Action, Adventure, Drama, History
  • Country United States
  • Network Starz
  • Runtime 60 minutes
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