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Good Vibes Season 1

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1x01 Pilot aired Oct 28, 2011

New Jersey transplant Mondo Brando and his out spoken single mom Babs arrive in sunny Playa Del Toro, CA to a world of change. Surrounded by tan beach bodies... read more

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1x02 Floatopia aired Nov 04, 2011

The boys find out about a loophole that lets them drink alcohol on the open seas, so they throw a party off the shore.

Tech Rehab
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1x03 Tech Rehab aired Nov 11, 2011

"Constant sexting, Twitter-twatting, and face poking" have Ms. Teets and all the parents frustrated by the kids' dependence on technology. They take a weeken... read more

Don't Blow Your Wadska
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1x04 Don't Blow Your Wadska aired Nov 18, 2011

After Wadska and Jeena's parents leave them alone with the house for a weekend, Mondo and Woodie tackle the task of...spending the night.

The D-List
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1x05 The D-List aired Dec 02, 2011

Mondo accidentally drops his pants after swimming in freezing water, exposing himself to the entire school. Then, he's ranked at the bottom of "The D-List."

Breast Friends
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1x06 Breast Friends aired Dec 02, 2011

Jeena launches a mobile breast-exam initiative, inspiring the boys to cross-dress so they can attend and observe the event.

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1x07 The Grass is Always Greener aired Dec 09, 2011

Mondo escorts Woodie's sister to her sweet-16 and gets a little too comfortable in her wealthy world.

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1x08 Red Tuxedo aired Dec 16, 2011

Mondo asks a pregnant classmate to the prom; Jeena does not have a date for the prom.

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1x09 Mondo Mia! aired Dec 16, 2011

Mondo tries to find out the identity of his father by hacking his mother's Facebook account.

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1x10 Virgin Hangover aired Dec 23, 2011

The boys ditch school and head to a nude beach, where Mondo unknowingly takes drugs.

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1x11 Surf Legend aired Dec 30, 2011

Woodie loses a surf competition and worries that he's lost his "stoke," so the boys turn to Woodie's surf hero, Duke Sanchez, for help conquering an infamous... read more

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1x12 Backstage Babs aired Dec 30, 2011

A call from the principal's office makes Babs worry that she's been too lax as a parent, so she decides to step up her parenting skills when she takes Mondo ... read more


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