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Primeval: New World Season 1

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The New World
32 votes
1x01 The New World aired Oct 30, 2012

Evan Cross leads a team investigating time-space anomalies that have brought deadly predators to their homeland. read more

28 votes
1x02 Sisiutl aired Nov 06, 2012

Evan and Mac investigate the sighting of a prehistoric sea serpent near a disputed First Nations territory, while Dyl... read more

Fear of Flying
26 votes
1x03 Fear of Flying aired Nov 13, 2012

When a cargo plane disappears into an Anomaly, Evan and Dylan attempt a search and rescue mission into the distant an... read more

Angry Birds
26 votes
1x04 Angry Birds aired Nov 20, 2012

A pair of drug dealers kidnap Evan and Dylan. read more

24 votes
1x05 Undone aired Nov 27, 2012

The team must keep a student population safe after an anomaly brings a Lycaenops to their university campus. read more

Clean Up on Aisle Three
23 votes
1x06 Clean Up on Aisle Three aired Dec 04, 2012

Evan, Dylan and Mac try to outwit a pack of small but smart dinosaurs that have decided to make a home store their ne... read more

Babes in the Woods
23 votes
1x07 Babes in the Woods aired Dec 11, 2012

Toby's friends and her ex find themselves in danger when an anomaly opens up near where they are conducting a photo s... read more

20 votes
1x08 Truth aired Dec 18, 2012

A Pachycephalosaurus runs wild in the city; and Evan encounters the Albertosaurus that killed his wife. read more

22 votes
1x09 Breakthrough aired Jan 23, 2013

When footage of a Triceratops goes viral, Evan and Dylan track the creature to an upscale neighbourhood, and the home... read more

The Great Escape
21 votes
1x10 The Great Escape aired Jan 30, 2013

Evan and Dylan are shocked to find that Leggy, a baby terror bird, is now grown and dangerous… and has escaped from a... read more

The Inquisition
20 votes
1x11 The Inquisition aired Feb 06, 2013

While Dylan and Mac hunt for information on the government's secret lab, Evan goes up against Colonel Henderson Hall,... read more

The Sound of Thunder (1)
19 votes
1x12 The Sound of Thunder (1) aired Feb 13, 2013

When Toby is stung by a poisonous Brontoscorpio, Evan and Dylan must chase the creature back through the Anomaly to g... read more

The Sound of Thunder (2)
21 votes
1x13 The Sound of Thunder (2) aired Feb 20, 2013

Connor Temple returns, and Evan faces his moment of truth against the Albertosaurus that killed his wife. read more


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