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Danger 5 Season 1

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19 votes
1x01 I Danced for Hitler aired Feb 27, 2012

Danger 5 has to find out why Hitler has been abducting the world's national monuments with a squad of zeppelins. Clai... read more

15 votes
1x02 Lizard Soldiers of the Third Reich aired Mar 05, 2012

Nazi dinosaurs are turning up all over Europe, devouring their way through the Allied war effort. Danger 5 send to Be... read more

15 votes
1x03 Kill-Men of the Rising Sun aired Mar 12, 2012

Allied Air Support surrounding China is being thrashed by Japanese Zero fighters piloted by robotic super-soldiers an... read more

15 votes
1x04 Hitler's Golden Murder Palace aired Mar 19, 2012

In a Nazi-owned casino in Morocco, where Hitler is rumoured to be located, strange Happenings appear. Danger 5 is sen... read more

15 votes
1x05 Fresh Meat for Hitler's Sex Kitchen aired Mar 26, 2012

Allied troops all over Europe are spontaneously transforming into blonde haired, blue eyed, blood-thirsty Nazis. Dang... read more

15 votes
1x06 Final Victory aired Apr 02, 2012

As World War Two reaches boiling point, giant Nazi monsters are rampaging across the world. Captain Gibraltar, a sail... read more


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