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Last Resort Season 1

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254 votes
1x01 Captain aired Sep 28, 2012

With nowhere left to turn, a nuclear missile sub Captain and his XO will go on the run and bring their crew to an exo... read more

Blue on Blue
226 votes
1x02 Blue on Blue aired Oct 05, 2012

More than 20 warships close in on the Colorado; as Kendal is forced into a battle on the ground, Prosser questions Ma... read more

Eight Bells
190 votes
1x03 Eight Bells aired Oct 12, 2012

Aa search for three missing crew members leads to Serrat's compound and an ominous demand. A clandestine meeting betw... read more

181 votes
1x04 Voluntold aired Oct 19, 2012

Even as Marcus and Sam learn that they have been charged with treason against the United States, a greater threat wit... read more

Skeleton Crew
178 votes
1x05 Skeleton Crew aired Oct 26, 2012

In an attempt to end the standoff on Sainte Marina, Marcus and Sam enter into tense negotiations with the U.S. Gover... read more

Another Fine Navy Day
155 votes
1x06 Another Fine Navy Day aired Nov 09, 2012

The crew is hit with an attack by an unknown force unlike anything they've seen before. As confusion and aggression ... read more

Nuke it Out
149 votes
1x07 Nuke it Out aired Nov 16, 2012

As Marcus and Sam hunt for the traitor in their ranks who stole their nuclear launch key, Prosser disobeys orders and... read more

Big Chicken Dinner
135 votes
1x08 Big Chicken Dinner aired Nov 30, 2012

Marcus brings the members of the Colorado and the islanders all together to celebrate their two cultures -- a feast ... read more

Cinderella Liberty
136 votes
1x09 Cinderella Liberty aired Dec 07, 2012

The crew of the Colorado wait for a goodwill visit from their families, a visit that will soon turn into a nightmare... read more

Blue Water
134 votes
1x10 Blue Water aired Dec 14, 2012

Sam and James depart the island in a daring rescue attempt. Back on the island of Sainte Marina, a Chinese diplomat ... read more

Damn the Torpedoes
124 votes
1x11 Damn the Torpedoes aired Jan 11, 2013

A typhoon, a mutiny and a Washington coup d'etat will force Marcus and his crew into unlikely alliances. As Sam's gr... read more

The Pointy End of the Spear
116 votes
1x12 The Pointy End of the Spear aired Jan 18, 2013

Kylie works with Admiral Shepard to bring down the President, using evidence of what really happened in Pakistan. Th... read more

Controlled Flight Into Terrain
126 votes
1x13 Controlled Flight Into Terrain aired Jan 25, 2013

In the exciting season finale, a violent battle for control erupts on the submarine, which leaves the Colorado vulne... read more


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