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A Bit of Fry & Laurie Season 4

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All We Gotta' Do
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4x01 All We Gotta' Do aired Feb 12, 1995

Sketches include "Gray and Hopeless," "Guest Movements," "Theme Vox Pops," "Blame the System," "The Comedy Charter," ... read more

Steffi is an Angel
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4x02 Steffi is an Angel aired Feb 19, 1995

Sketches include Hugh's Accident, Denial Is In Egypt, Local News at Ten Thirty Three and a Bit, English People Appear... read more

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4x03 Barman aired Feb 26, 1995

Sketches include: The Suggestive Barman, Kettle's On, Little Girl, Making Tea, For Some Reason Angery, Don't Be Dirty... read more

Soccer School
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4x04 Soccer School aired Mar 12, 1995

Sketches include: Soccer School, Dalliard, Be Nice (song), Head Gardener, Gelliant Gutfright. The cocktail of the ... read more

awaiting 10 votes
4x05 Tribunal aired Mar 19, 1995

Sketches include: The Louella Della Tweed Interview, The Post-Race Interview, Hearing on Councilman Wade, Working Pro... read more

The Duke of Northampton
awaiting 10 votes
4x06 The Duke of Northampton aired Mar 26, 1995

Sketches include: Chess Game, Counting Stolen Money, Finals of Young Tory of the Year, Mr Variety Tommy McPherson, We... read more

Sophisticated Song
awaiting 10 votes
4x07 Sophisticated Song aired Apr 02, 1995

Sketches include: Religianto, Consent, Sophisticated Song, Fast Monologue, Telephones, Truancy. read more


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