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Californication Season 1

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83 votes
1x01 Pilot aired Aug 14, 2007

Hank Moody is a thirtysomething sex addicted author. During his many affairs with women of all ages and walks of life... read more

Hell-A Woman
71 votes
1x02 Hell-A Woman aired Aug 21, 2007

Hank begins his blogging job at Hell-A-Magazine. Karen is able to set Hank up with her friend Sonja by disguising the... read more

The Whore of Babylon
64 votes
1x03 The Whore of Babylon aired Aug 28, 2007

At a book signing, Hank gets into a scrap with the disgruntled director of the film based on his novel, and later run... read more

Fear and Loathing at the Fundraiser
64 votes
1x04 Fear and Loathing at the Fundraiser aired Sep 04, 2007

Hank escorts Meredith to an environmental fundraiser that is also being attended by Karen, and he winds up defending ... read more

61 votes
1x05 LOL aired Sep 11, 2007

Hank accepts Bill's invitation to speak at Mia's high-school creative-writing class---but there's a catch; at an appe... read more

Absinthe Makes the Heart Grow Fonder
59 votes
1x06 Absinthe Makes the Heart Grow Fonder aired Sep 18, 2007

Hank spends a wild evening with a fetching surfer girl, and later must deal with unwanted attention from Mia. Meanwhi... read more

Girls, Interrupted
57 votes
1x07 Girls, Interrupted aired Sep 25, 2007

Hank deals with the aftermath of sharing a passionate moment with Karen, and is bothered by Becca's negative outlook ... read more

California Son
61 votes
1x08 California Son aired Oct 02, 2007

Hank is depressed when Al, his father, dies. To ignore his pain, Hank shacks up with Trixie, a hooker, but he ends up... read more

Filthy Lucre
60 votes
1x09 Filthy Lucre aired Oct 09, 2007

Hank takes Becca out to buy a new guitar. Charlie talks Hank into buying a new car. During the test-drive, Hank is th... read more

The Devil's Threesome
63 votes
1x10 The Devil's Threesome aired Oct 16, 2007

Hank and Charlie get chummy with a woman they meet at the gym, but not before she gives Hank a thrashing in the ring.... read more

Turn the Page
60 votes
1x11 Turn the Page aired Oct 23, 2007

Becca surprises Karen with news that she wants to move in with her father; Dani demands that Charlie fast-track Mia's... read more

The Last Waltz
69 votes
1x12 The Last Waltz aired Oct 30, 2007

As Karen's wedding to Bill nears, Hank struggles with accepting what appears to be inevitable; Bill informs Mia that ... read more


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