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Hello Ladies Season 1

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95 votes
1x01 Pilot aired Sep 30, 2013

British web designer Stuart Pritchard tries to create a social life for himself. The first step is getting on a guest... read more

The Limo
76 votes
1x02 The Limo aired Oct 07, 2013

Wade tries to empress his estranged wife by hiring a limo, and then drives around LA with Stuart and Kives. read more

The Date
69 votes
1x03 The Date aired Oct 14, 2013

Stuart convinces a woman to go on a date with him and it goes surprisingly well. Meanwhile, Wade institutes an emerge... read more

The Dinner
62 votes
1x04 The Dinner aired Oct 21, 2013

Stuart and Jessica are invited to a dinner party and Stuart ditches Wade to go. Since he's on his own, Wade convinces... read more

Pool Party
62 votes
1x05 Pool Party aired Oct 28, 2013

While Stuart tries to set up a pool party, Jessica gets inspiration from a homeless person. read more

Long Beach
59 votes
1x06 Long Beach aired Nov 04, 2013

Stuart bonds with some construction workers; Jessica gives Wade advice on how to win back Marion. read more

The Wedding
58 votes
1x07 The Wedding aired Nov 11, 2013

Stuart tries to change the seating plan at a wedding; Jessica waits to hear about her call-back audition for a netwo... read more

The Drive
57 votes
1x08 The Drive aired Nov 18, 2013

Stuart brags about his upcoming date; Stuart drives Jessica, Wade and Kives to various parties. read more


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