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Orange is the New Black

Orange is the New Black

Based on the memoir by Piper Kerman entitled "Orange is the New Black: My Year in a Women's Prison," this Original Comedy from Jenji Kohan centers on a woman convicted of money laundering and drug trafficking. Starring Taylor Schilling, Kate Mulgrew, Jason Biggs.

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aired Jul 11, 2013


meerareed (Sep 01, 2013)

@kript0x I do think that Larry's scenes are un-needed, and hopefully they'll die down for the next series as the writers realize the hype isn't about him.

I personally enjoyed the humour and the prison life, but I can understand how it could be boring for someone I suppose.

kakature (Aug 29, 2013)

This show went from very interesting and promising in the first five-six episodes to boring and predictable.
The characters are mostly annoying and I don't care for them, excepct Piper. The flashbacks were totally not fascinating, Oz did it so much better. Maybe it's not completely fair to compare this to Oz but it's still a prison-drama after all.

Not only are most of the characters not interesting, some are just unbearable. Alex, Red, Healy, Larry, the black afrohead woman, ... I can't stand em, the bad acting of some of them doesn't help (cough Alex).

Also, I really don't get the hate Piper gets. SHOW SPOILER , Larry is crybaby (although I sided with him the first episodes). And people say Piper is a self-entitled bitch? Cmon!

Nah, Piper is the best (and coolest) character of this show in my opinion (and Mendez ofcourse, Jesus Christ that guy cracks me up).

Anyway, I feel this is somewhat of a missed opportunity. As I said it started out so great but it quickly got boring (sometimes cringeworthy and painful).
The last 3 episodes I was more annoyed than during an entire Dexter and Walking Dead marathon.

Really disappointed they didn't make better use of the nice concept.

Well, I just wanted to give my two cents, it seems like I'm the only one disappointed though.

Dionysus (Aug 28, 2013)

Great show. Good mix of humor and drama, solid performances and an excellent storyline.

kript0x (Aug 25, 2013)

@meerareed Agreed. Nudity is one of the oldest tricks in the book to get viewers hooked.

But what is this show about? The most interesting part (imo) is portraying all the woman in the prison, every time the camera moves away from Piper or Lary the show improves.
And even though its cool to watch all those flashbacks, the girls telling jokes and just day-to-day prison life it feels really slow and as boring as being in prison myself.

meerareed (Aug 25, 2013)

@kript0x the sex scenes aren't supposed to be "hot and steamy", i found the parts we had in the prison to be real and i'm glad they didn't make it like a guy's porn wet dream as that's not what the show's about

StevieG (Aug 05, 2013)

@NadTV Done :p

@Strikje: Glad i followed you on this one ;)

Strikje (Aug 05, 2013)

Awesome show !

NadTV (Aug 04, 2013)

Awaiting 10 votes: come on people!

kript0x (Aug 02, 2013)

Show is overrated imo.
The "drama" aspect of the show is pretty lame.
Piper's actions are very predictable, the emotions feel superficial to me (Chapman cries every time...).

My biggest concern with the show is that after 1 season barely anything happened, it feels as if the story is going nowhere.
Its just a bunch of girls that barely did anything wrong who live together in pretty good & friendly circumstances.

Some stuff that happened that I seriously do not get:

Also, what happened to the hot, steamy lesbo scenes?

MarinaB (Jul 22, 2013)

Great, great show.

ile250 (Jul 16, 2013)

@Fairiestale :D ;D okokoko

Fairiestale (Jul 16, 2013)

@ile250 Lo vedr├▓ anche io allora e poi ti dico ;)

ile250 (Jul 16, 2013)

@Fairiestale Sisisi fichissimo

Fairiestale (Jul 16, 2013)

@ile250 l'hai visto???

killmotion (Jul 14, 2013)

Just finished watching this. Really enjoyed it, glad there will be more. Very reminiscent of early era Weeds, as in it is well-written with unique characters that feel real. A little more dramatic than Weeds, but definitely has it's humorous moments. I liked that while the main character does obviously get the brunt of the story, a lot of the other supporting characters get their stories told, too. It's quite a motley group of inmates but their stories make me care. You get to see how many got themselves into prison and, with that, you can see who they really are. Most of them aren't really all that bad, they just made one wrong turn or one bad choice. And from that you can relate, which is the whole point.

kakature (Jul 11, 2013)

And, has anyone seen this?

Tallyshizzle (May 24, 2013)

Let's hope it can match that quality.

Vimy (May 24, 2013)

A FEMALE PRISON! But more specifically, this series from Weeds creator Jenji Kohan focuses on a woman whose past mistake of muling drug money gets her thrown in jail. Far from her fiance and the creature comforts of her fab New York apartment, she learns hard and eye-opening life lessons from her new criminal friends. Remember how good the first two seasons of Weeds were? We're hoping for something like that.

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  • Premiered Jul 11, 2013
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