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Broad City Season 1

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79 votes
1x01 What A Wonderful World aired Jan 23, 2014

A comedy following the antics of a pair of twentysomething best friends in New York City begins with Abbi and Ilana t... read more

75 votes
1x02 P*$$Y Weed aired Jan 30, 2014

The ladies' grown-up behavior includes Abbi buying marijuana and Ilana doing her taxes. read more

63 votes
1x03 Working Girls aired Feb 06, 2014

Ilana works as a temp to make extra cash; Abbi promises a neighbor she'll wait for his package, but misses its delive... read more

63 votes
1x04 The Lockout aired Feb 13, 2014

Abbi bug bombs her apartment, and Ilana loses her keys, so the ladies face a life on the streets just in time for Abb... read more

64 votes
1x05 Fattest Asses aired Feb 20, 2014

Abbi thinks she's too nice, so she tries out a bad-tempered personality when she and Ilana attend a swanky party, whe... read more

68 votes
1x06 Stolen Phone aired Feb 27, 2014

A search for guys online makes Abbi and Ilana want to meet men in real life. read more

59 votes
1x07 Hurricane Wanda aired Mar 06, 2014

The women ride out a storm with Jaimé, Lincoln and Jeremy, but are also joined by Bevers and his sister, much to thei... read more

59 votes
1x08 Destination: Wedding aired Mar 13, 2014

The girls, along with Lincoln and some old catering co-workers, head to a wedding. While the trip becomes a comedy of... read more

66 votes
1x09 Apartment Hunters aired Mar 20, 2014

Abbi's ecstatic after selling her art, but decides she needs a new apartment when she can't take Bevers' nonsense any... read more

70 votes
1x10 The Last Supper aired Mar 27, 2014

The girls go to a fancy restaurant for Abbi's birthday. read more


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